Sunday, 19 July 2009

"Caves of Oblivion" part 4

Anyway, here is the next part of this gripping archaeological themed story folks.


Ben leaps forward and grabs the boy by the arm:
“What have you done to this boy? Why are you inside his body?”The possessed boy’s eyes glow a bright shining blue:
“Have no fear. I Asiron and he Alteron have not harmed the earth waifs. They will be returned to you. We are here from the great sleep to bring you knowledge, but also a great warning. The dark ones approach………”Suddenly there is a rumble and a crash.
“Great scott, it’s a rockfall” Jed shouts.
“Run for it team!” Ben shouts, ushering the boys out of the way of a large rock.
Katie and Corinne scramble after Jed & Jim who lead the way:
“It was outrageous that you ever allowed caving trips in here at all” Corinne states.
“Look love, we’ve found the kids okay so just shut it” Jim shouts back.

Back at the centre, the scramble out of the caves has been too much for the boys, who collapse unconscious. They are put to bed while Ben holds a team meeting in the lounge. Paul Farraday suggests a course of action:
“Clearly we cannot tell their families that they’ve been found yet as they are under the alien presence. At the moment they seem fine in the physical sense, bar the blue-glowing eyes and unconsciousness”.Jim is annoyed:
“Well what about the bloody whingeing parents on my back?”
“Look Harries, there are more important things going on here than your damn legal situation” Ben replies. Jake strums his guitar several times and looks up:
“Like earlier in the lab when Paul was inspecting the crystals and had visions. Man I felt something too. I sensed two sets of vibes, one benign and one deadly. The crystals man they’re groovy, they’re ok. But theres something out there…. In space.. Bad energy.”Paul agrees:
“I sensed the same thing. I believe that those crystals are containers of some kind which house the knowledge and images of an entire civilisation.”
“The Clanac Empire….” Ben adds:
“ The Clanac must have visited earth many centuries ago. But why? Essentially we can’t do anything until they can communicate again through the lads. I suggest a chill break.”

During the break, Ben enjoys a drink with Paul & Corinne, while Katie and Jed get close on the sofa watching a repeat episode of Inspector Morse on the lounge tv:
“So how long have you been working with Ben?” Jed asks.
“On and off for several years now, both on archaeological projects and on … well the extraterrestrial matters. How about you? Do you have a girlfriend?”
“Not at the moment.” He winks at Katie and slides a hand inside her blouse.
“In that case you’re on. We’ll watch the rest of this & then go upstairs” Katie replies, groping his buttocks.
Suddenly there is a strange howling sound from outside. Looking out the window they see a huge wind has started up. A tree is blown over and crashes onto the centre roof cracking a window. The tv goes off and there are a series of huge bangs as telephone poles blow down.One of the boys appears at the door, blue eyes glowing:
“They are coming: the dark ones. We have a short time to impart our knowledge. Or great destruction will befall this place and the sea will swallow everything….. Just as before……”

……….. To be continued.