Tuesday, 28 July 2009

"Caves of Oblivion" Part 6

OK folks, here is the final part of this major and memorable story.


“I suggest we keep calm. We need a considered strategy or otherwise the earth is indeed doomed”, Ben states.
“What kind of bloody strategy then? Huh? What?” Jim replies.
“Please calm down. It is already in hand. Kyle and K9 will accompany me into the caves where we will return the crystals. However before we leave, we will need dynamite and lots of it.”
“They have plenty of that in the quarry two miles from here” Jed comments.
“OK Jed, you will need to risk going out as well. Drive to the quarry and obtain some. If they object, show them my Operation Delta card”. Ben passes his card to Jed.
“Brave Jed” Katie whispers, squeezing his inner thigh.

Later, after Jed has returned with the dynamite, Ben, Kyle & K9 set out in Bessie for the caves. In the back of the car with K9 is a box with the crystals in. The wind howls all around the car and debris blows about in the swirling air.
“Ere this wind is getting stronger. I dunno whether we’ll make it, its enough to blow the car over” Kyle remarks. Ben studies himself in the car mirror:
“I’m more immediately concerned about the mess its making of my hair”. Ben passes his hand through his luscious blonde hair trying to keep it in shape. Arriving near the cave entrance, they disembark and Kyle struggles through the wind with the box and with a package containing the dynamite. K9 goes first into the cave. As they enter, dark , clawed shapes begin to materialise.
“It’s the dark ones taking material form. Blast them K9!” Ben shouts.
“Affirmative Master!” K9 replies, shooting at the shapes. They vanish and Kyle and Ben rush quickly through the dark passages. Eventually they reach the excavation site. Kyle throws down the crystals and starts to set up the dynamite,
“This should blast the whole roof down like. Enclose these things here under rock.”
“That’s the idea Kyle. How did you learn how to use explosives by the way?” Ben asks.
“Oh my mates did a bit of safebreakin’ once & showed me how” Kyle replies.
“For pity’s sake, I wished I hadn’t asked” Ben replies.

As they rush out of the caves, the dark shapes begin to form again and a shaking starts like an earthquake.
“Those things are trying to trap us in here Kyle. Run faster” Ben shouts.They rush out of the entrance & K9 blasts the roof of it causing a collapse.
“Now for the real explosion” Kyle shouts, grinning as he pushes the detonator. There is a massive explosion and the whole cave collapses, encasing its chambers in tons of rock. The wind stops howling and all is calm
Excellent work Kyle! The crystals will remain harmless as long as they stay there.”

Meanwhile, back at the centre, the two boys are standing in the lounge, their eyes glowing blue. One of them speaks:
“You have successfully returned the crystals to their safe abode. Soon we will return to them and sleep. The threat from our dark side is over. However, before we go, we offer you a gift.”He stretches out his arm and opens his hand. Inside is a cube.
“Within this cube is our message to humanity. It contains the esoteric wisdom of the Atlanteans. Give it to the one called the Doctor for he will know how to access it.”The boys then collapse and their eyes return to normal. They wake.
“Hey like where are we? We was like in the caves and now we are like here.”
“You were possessed by aliens you little crap. Your own fault for bloody well wandering off” Jim replies sternly. Jed and Katie make an excuse to go upstairs. Finding one of the dorms, they put a chair against the door and get down to it on one of the beds.

Later, Ben and his team are discussing the case in the Mermaid Wine Bar. Ben holds the cube in his hand.
“Well, I look forward to touching base with the Doctor again soon. I wonder what knowledge and insights are contained within this. Anyway, I propose a special toast to Kyle and K9 for their major role in saving the day here.”They all raise their glasses to Kyle and K9, the latter sat up on a chair . Katie and Jed hold hands under the table.

Later as they chat, a familiar song plays on the jukebox. It is Michael Jackson’s “Ben”.
“Hey Ben, they’re playing your song” Corinne states. Ben looks sad:
“Do you know that Michael once sang this song to me personally. The Doctor once took me & Rose to one of his concerts in the TARDIS and afterwards we met him. He told me I was a very special person and sang this for me.”
“That’s lovely Ben” Corinne replies, “It is so sad that the King of Pop is no longer with us. I suggest we have another toast; to Michael Jackson!”
The team raise their glasses once more and Corinne sings “You Are Not Alone”.………

………. THE END

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