Friday, 24 July 2009

"Caves of Oblivion" Part 5

OK folks, here is the next part of this story, inspired by the best eras of Doctor Who.


Ben stares at the possessed boy as the wind howls outside:
“Then tell us your knowledge now. What are the secrets of the Clanac Empire? And who are these ‘Dark Ones’?”The boy stares at Ben:
“Many centuries ago we visited your world. Our Empire was based on the provision of enlightenment and knowledge and we were eager to seek out new frontiers to expand to and develop. We were not a culture of conquest but a culture of mutual benefit. At the time we the Clanac elders had just entered the stage of deliverance.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Katie feistily asks:
“We had found a way to transcend death & exist as pure mental energy. Our scientists had discovered the crystal caves and unlocked the inner energy of the crystals. The crystals enabled us to abandon our dying bodies . They also brought us the ultimate in self-development ; it seemed that all our negative qualities that our culture had suppressed but never destroyed, such as hate and anger, just disappeared from our thoughts. All that remained was…. Was love.”
“Far out man!” Jake comments. The Clanac continues:
“We came here to give your primitive culture a helping hand. We brought knowledge and wisdom to one of your early civilisations; you know it as Atlantis. Our hope was that the Atlanteans would spread this wisdom all over the earth and that in time this planet would join our Empire. We even brought some of the crystals here and hid them in various locations around the globe such as this cave; our gift to you.”

Jake lights a spliff and plays ‘Atlantis’ by Donovan on his guitar. Ben is irritated:
“Jake, please refrain from that. *to the Clanac* None of this explains why your Empire collapsed or why you have taken over those boys. Please explain these matters.”
“Forgive us. We occupy these bodies as a mode of communication. The earth boys are quite unharmed. We need to warn you of the dangers of the crystals. As long as they remain buried they are safe. Away from fresh air & sunlight . However your people found these crystals and several were removed from the your archaeologists.”
“So what? We needed to analyse them properly” Jed comments.
“What we Clanac didn’t realise was that all that negative energy inside us had to go somewhere. It was taken within the crystal itself, amplified and then eventually thrown out in the form of destructive energy and the Dark Ones. They are our inner hatreds made massive. Our Empire collapsed because of violent destructive weather, explosions and …. And the monsters that the negative energy gave force to. Whole planets were ripped apart.”
“And now this destruction is starting here” Ben says in horror as the wind outside gets stronger and uproots another tree.

Meanwhile, in the village, an elderly couple are driving down the road as the wind gets stronger.
“This wind is getting worse Percy” the woman says. Suddenly they see a fallen tree in front of them and Percy stops the car.
“We’ll have to walk the rest of the way Mabel. Then phone the bobbies about this tree”. Another telephone pole blows down.
“This is like in the war Percy. We was happy then. I remember when the jerries dropped that bomb on the gasworks and they brought all them bodies out. Some had no ’eads left on. And all we ad to eat was a tin of sardines a month but we was happy”.
“They were good old days Mabel, none of them hoodies about.”As they get out of the car, a sense of deep fear grips them as a dark shadow approaches. The shadow envelopes them and rips them to shreds. Then it advances towards the pub………”

Back at the Centre, things are tense.
“So what the bloody hell do we do then. Just sit here & wait to bloody die?” Jim Harries exclaims. Ben takes charge:
“I suggest we keep calm. We need a considered strategy or otherwise the earth is indeed doomed”………..

………….. To be continued.

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