Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Ben Chatham story: Coming Soon!

Exciting news folks. A Brand new Ben Chatham adventure "REBIRTH" is in the pipeline.


Youth of Australia said...

Why is this "exciting"?

You always write Ben Chatham stories - assuming I dare use the word "write" as synonymous with "plagiarize a Pertwee story on contemporary Earth entirely in the present tense for a synopsis".

Chatham's boring. He's been around longer than RTD.

Do something else. Create a new character. Something different, maybe a character not from Noughties Cambridge. Maybe, heaven forbid, another planet and another time (I know this would require original thought from you, but others have managed it).

...if you can.

Anonymous said...

I may need to shoot anyone that engages with this.

Youth of Australia said...

While I may have to shoot people too cowardly they use the name "anonymous".

Grow a spine already.

Washington said...

I saw Adam Rickets giving an interview he does not come across as very confident too much of a little boy lost his acting makes Matthew Waterhouse look like a young Marlon Brando why be so hung up about Rickets for Chatham Mark Strickson would do a better job and to state he a much better actor then Rickets who might be better of sticking with the Tories as their poster boy for white middle England.
You have writen so many Chatham stories have you ever forwarded one to Rickets or his agent Rickets has got his own company I'am sure if you took out the Doctor Who bit they'd be free to develop this fiction if they thought it was worth a shot.
If you feel History has marked your destiny send the scrip to the Rickets team see what happens itll be intresting sure Rickets can do with some postive publicty I mean pretty boy looks dont sustain a man's carier forever

Washington said...

Ben Chathma is overated your typical Middle Class Doctor Who companion(pre RTD day's) ablit sexed up for adult fandom Joe stormy Stanton is a much better companion where as Chatham is pretty much you bog standard BBC drama department cretion mid ninties -200s can you tell me how much longer the character will continue for how long it will be before he rides of into the sun set with Captain Jack or his intrengent snoberry gets him on the wrong side of an argument. Stanton was a much better companion and I would rate him above Chatham although if Chatham was writen for Strackson there might be some hope for him I think Stanton was a much more intresting choice of companion for the Doctor and a more acomplished cretion of fandom since he was so untypical of the asembly line specfic of established Doctor Who companions.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am former Prime Minister Tony Blair and I think Ben Chaterton is the best thing since sliced egg and you who dont like him should shut up & bike off.