Sunday, 8 November 2009

The X Factor

I'm really enjoying this rubbish of late. Personally I'd like to see Jedward win.


Youth of Australia said...

Well, Spara, I'm fascinated to know what your reaction is now that David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor has appeared in an episode damning Jedward as tools of the Master in a plot to bore humanity to death?

No joke, it's true.

It's like RTD's doing everything he can to make your life worthless and miserable.

sparacus said...

WHAAAAT? I have no knowledge of this.

Youth of Australia said...

And you supposedly an eminent Whovianologist?

Tut tut.

Well, you can download the thing and listen to it, or, if you're really desperate, just read my review of The Jedward Nightmare on the blog. And yes, that's it's name (well, the FULL name is "The Jedward Nightmare - The Doctor Who Twittersode").

It's 100% not faked by me in any way, with David Tennant and John Simm. Jedward are even referred to by the Doctor as "wierd-haired freaks" who must be stopped.

Still, at least they didn't mock Adam Rickitt. Mind you, it's not like anyone knows who he is any more, is it...