Tuesday, 16 February 2010


OK folks, here is the next action-packed instaulment of this story:


The robot rushes up the stairs and into the shop. Isobel shrieks and faints and Craig gets pushed to the ground as the crazed mechanical being crashes through the shop door and lumbers away. Kyle rushes up from the cellar:
"Is everyone ok like?"
"What the hell was that thing?" Katie asks.
"It was searching for summat down there. Looks like we've found another case."Katie is not amused:
"I hope Ben was not aware that anything like this would happen when he sent us here. I dislike being kept in the dark about cases.Craig is comforting Isobel who is waking up:
"Oh stop pampering the simpering little trout" Katie exclaims.
"Hey don't talk about Isobel like that" Craig sulllenly replies. He strokes Isobel's hair:
"She's just jealous 'cause you're better looking than her."

Meanwhile back at the Chateau, Ben is lounging on the sofa, stroking Madame Camboux's cat Sebastian who purrs in a refined manner. In his other hand is his mobile and he is mid-conversation when Madame Camboux enters the lounge:
"...... and we can all just turn up and give our names...... thats very generous of you David...... and we get pride of place at the after show dinner.....thanks...... you are honoured to invite me?.... no its me that is honoured..... thanks again David".Ben puts down the phone, a big smile on his face:
"That was David Bowie. He is playing an exclusive one off show in Paris in two weeks and I've been personally invited along with all my team. He says that he longs to see me again."
Madame Camboux lights a cigarette:
"That is good. I have interviewed all of the servants and all deny knowledge of the theft."
Ben frowns:
"I still suspect Piers. How did you meet him?"Madame Camboux smiles:
"When I'm staying in Paris I get attention from a lot of young men who wish to succeed in the film industry. Piers is desperate to act and I promised to use my contacts to get him parts. While I get his parts so to speak".Ben frowns:
"So he is using you. I knew it".Madame Camboux elegantly draws on her cigarette:
"Ben darling, you must refrain from petit bourgeois moral constraints. I was always telling your father that. To be honest though I am starting to tire of Piers. It may be time to, how shall I put this, trade him in for a new model".

As she speaks, Ben's mobile rings. It is Kyle, who informs him of the events at the wine shop. Ben is very concerned and looks at Madame Camboux:
"I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but I suspect there is an android in this Chateau. Is Piers entirely normal?"Madame Camboux stares at him blankly. Ben goes on:
"Look, I know this is going to sound bizarre but I have experience of dealing with androids and aliens. I used to travel with someone called the Doctor in a time and space machine. Look I know how weird this sounds."Madame Camboux smiles:
"Ben darling, I don't want to shock you but I know the person that you speak of. A long time ago I travelled with him too for a short while. We met in Paris. He said he was on holiday and that his partner Romana was off at some art gallery. We journeyed in his TARDIS".Ben is shocked:
"For how long?"
"Oh just a few trips. Eventually he wanted to continue his travels with Romana. However he did give me Sebastian as a parting gift. He is a space cat . His intelligence is far beyond that of earth felines."Ben stares at Sebastian:
"Madame, I suspect a connection between the stolen wine and this alien cat. It is too much of a coincidence. Could Piers be an alien android sent to kidnap Sebastian?"
Sebastian looks concerned. Suddenly there is a scream from upstairs. Madame Camboux drops her cigarette:
"Oh no that was Piers. Someone is attacking Piers........"

............... to be continued.

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