Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Should Philip Hinchcliffe be invited to write for series 6/2 of Doctor Who?

I say yes. He is arguably Doctor Who's best ever producer and he has submitted story ideas in the distant past.


Youth of Australia said...


In the distant past.

That were considered utter crap.

What on Earth makes you think he has plots that will suit 21st century 45 minute episodes when his previous ideas DIDN'T even come up to scratch for 20th century 6-episode epics?

Why do you insist on wanting the old instead of the new? How long before you're demanding RTD return? And why are you judging someone's writing talent on their ability as a TV PRODUCER?!

Have you actually READ the tosh that Hinchcliffe offered the production team? No, you haven't you ignorant little hypocrite - I have, I say no, and that's because my brain doesn't follow the herd like losers like you.

Hinchliffe is responsible for
- the giant clams
- The Android Invasion
- Stephen Thorne as Eldrad
- the giant rat
- ditching Harry Sullivan
- abandoning the UNIT format
- demystifying the Time Lords
- what is widely considered the worst ever Cyberman story

So just you open those bloodshot eyes of yours for a moment, get past your idiotic hero worship and be objective for once in your miserable life.

Should Moffat "invite" an ex-producer with a poor writing history for no other reason than nostalgia?

No. He shouldn't.

And anyone who thinks otherwise isn't thinking at all.

dalekmofo said...

What he said ^