Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Audiobook recommendation: "LEVIATHAN"

I can thoroughly recommend this recent addition to the Lost Stories series from Big Finish. It has an interesting medieval setting and a plot clearly influenced by classic sci-fi films such as 'Logan's Run'. The perfect antidote to Nuwho.


Youth of Australia said...

Nonsense, it compliments NuWho perfectly as it evokes moments from Girl in the Fireplace, Eye of the Gorgon and The Runaway Bride. It just goes to show you don't pay enough attention.

To anything.

sparacus said...

It has more in common with the classic season 22

Youth of Australia said...

Wow, a story written for Season 22 turns out to be like it.

You seem to be unable to do anything but point out basic facts. Have you forgotten how to justify your so-called "recommendations"?