Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Eleventh Hour poll: "drivel" winning so far

This shows that polls on other Doctor Who sites may be skewed by post-broadcast euphoria . After time a more considered consensus may emerge.


Youth of Australia said...

So 52% in favor for "one of the best" doesn't interest you then?

sparacus said...

"So 52% in favor for "one of the best" doesn't interest you then?"

The poll isn't over yet

Youth of Australia said...

Only three votes were negative and one of those was you.

Do you REALLY think this ONE poll will prove anything even if everyone voted "drivel"?

You'd need over eight million votes before anyone even NOTICED!

Youth of Australia said...

59% now. I fail to see why you offer these polls if you ignore their findings.

sparacus said...

That is still only 9% over 50%

Youth of Australia said...

Yes, like 100% is only 10 over 90.

Your point IS, therefore...?

The Green Arrow said...

72% now rate this story as an 8 or higher, with 46% giving it the full 10.

Any comments on the prgressing results?

sparacus said...

Any comments on the prgressing results?

I suppose its the herd mentality kicking in. People like to follow thr crowd. Just give it time and more 'think outside the box' votes may come in.

Youth of Australia said...

And if it doesn't?

If Eleventh Hour wins the poll?

Will you revise your opinion?

If not, why bother starting it?

94% rated satisfactory or higher. Doesn't that suggest, at the very least, anyone that agrees with you won't be bothered to vote?

Youth of Australia said...

60% now.

BTW, Spara, kudos for the rapid turnover of posting. You're very efficient of late, it can't be denied.

Youth of Australia said...

Wow, what a turnaround. Now SEVEN WHOLE PEOPLE don't rate it satisfactory or higher. With a 9% turn against the story, and only 91% approval, surely Moffat must be terrified!

Green Arrow said...

86% at 7 or above with two days left.

Clearly once these results give you the answers you were looking for, you will change your opinion appropriatly?

Or else what was the point of the poll, just for others to confirm your own brilliance?

sparacus said...

This poll still reveals that opinions are divided.

Youth of Australia said...

"Opinion is divided on the subject."
"Oh, really?"
"Yahs. All the others say it is; I say it isn't."
"Oh, God; Mad as a brush."
- Tom Baker and Rowan Atkinson on the "Eleventh Hour poll: 'drivel' winning so far" blog post.

So, now that a wopping 96% of voters disagree completely with Sparacus, will he admit to being wrong? No, of course not, that would require a measure of maturity from King Wierdo.

All he's done is confirm himself once again in the tiniest of minorities, and has no interest in changing his opinion. Like I keep asking, WHY BOTHER IN THE FIRST PLACE?

As the Doctor himself said in Hinchcliffe era "Never be 100% certain of ANYTHING, it's a sign of weakness."

Looks like the blogger is very weak indeed...