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The Wedding of Ben Chatham Part 4

Ok, here is the next part of this major Doctor Who spin off story folks:


Ben Chatham drove through the bustling streets and dreaming spires of Cambridge. It had been a week since his new year proposal to Emma, who was now sitting in the car next to him, an engagement ring on her finger. She stared longingly at Ben, fixing on his smooth neck and rose-petal lips. She imagined him kissing her all over and caressing her pert nipples. Ben stopped the car outside his apartment.
"Are you ok Ben?" Emma asked.
"No. I'm nervous about seeing my apartment for the first time since it was raided. Knowing the police they will have damaged some of the items inside".
"Brave heart Ben!" Emma said, squeezing Ben's knee. They got out of the car, went to the door and rang. Luigi answered and they went in, seeing Kyle and Katie. Ben stared around horrified.
"Where are my expensive David Hockney reproductions? And what the hell has happened to the carpet?" Katie stood up:
"Look Ben I did warn you. The police ripped the backs off the paintings looking for concealed documents. And the carpet was ripped up to search for then too." Ben's eyes filled with tears:
"That carpet was fitted by Hashmere and Ashtons and cost £150 a square metre." Ben went over to Kyle who had two black eyes and a swollen face:
"How are you feeling Kyle? It is absolutely outrageous what they did to you."
"Yeah I'm on the mend like. Bleedin' coppers!"
"That is not the correct attitude to take Kyle. The police do an invaluable job in maintaining law and order. However there is clearly a rogue element involved with whoever is trying to discredit us".
Meanwhile Katie notices Emma's ring:
"So its true then? You're engaged to this little airhead". Ben is irritated:
"If you have nothing positive to say Katie then please leave. Emma is my wife to be and I will not have you insulting her."
"Fine" Katie shouted, flouncing out of the apartment and slamming the door.

Later as Emma assisted Luigi in preparing dinner, Kyle and Ben enjoyed a beer and a brandy respectively.
"Ere Ben are you really sure you're doin' the right thing gettin' married like. I mean you bein' gay like."
"I don't want to discuss it Kyle. And I'm still annoyed that you used this apartment to store goods stolen during the summer riots." Ben responded.
"It was only the flatscreen telly an' blu-ray player."
"Your criminal behaviour allowed whoever is behind this a grain of truth which they could embelish and exaggerate. And please don't question my marriage".
"I'm only tryin' to help like. I mean if you're bein forced into summat that ain't right for you......"
"I don't like talking about this. Please refrain from calling me gay Kyle. I'm not, I'm just a heterosexual male who sleeps mainly with people of his own gender." Kyle looks puzzled:
"Thats bollocks Ben. This ain't like you. "
"Shut it Kyle!" Ben shouts.

The next day Ben drives to London where he has called an emergency meeting of the Operation Delta team in their ransacked HQ. Fortunately the meeting room furniture is still in situe and Ben plugs his new top of the range £5000laptop, purchased two days before, into the powerpoint projector.
"Please desist from speaking while I outline our situation. This organisation is in crisis. I have had my good name soiled in the press and our funding has ceased. We as an organisation have been accused of financial corruption, violent disorder, drugs offences and most recently of plotting with terrorist groups. We are in serious financial trouble."
"Hey man, like when the fascists let me go they said they were gonna make sure we never took on another investigation man . What a bummer. Are we gonna wind up the group?" Shakey Jake says.
"No Jake we are not. And please don't interrupt. I have a plan which may well both restore our positive public image and provide a source of independent income. The Doctor suggested it to me. We are going to record a charity fundraising album and single. Think Band Aid 1984. Yesterday Paul and Corinne wrote on my behalf to a good range of major musicians and artists asking for their help. Linking us to such artists will restore the public's positive view of Operation Delta." There is muttering among the team:
"Which major artists have they written to?" Katie asks.
"A whole host. But they include Simon Cowell and Bob Geldof, who will oversee the project, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Madonna and lots more".

A few days later, Ben arrives at Hammersmith Recording Studios in London which he has booked for preliminary rehearsals. Paul Farraday and Corinne Shaw are waiting for him.
"Hi guys. So who are we expecting to come along today? I've got a list of possible songs to try." Paul frowns:
"Its not good news I'm afraid Ben. We've had rejections from most of the artists we contacted. We did have high hopes for Coldplay but their agent rang this morning saying no."
"What about Robbie? He sent me an email earlier in the week saying he'd come".
"Cancelled last night As did Will Young .And Simon Cowell and Bob Geldof both said no".
"So how many are coming then?"
"Just Bowie".
"I knew David wouldn't let me down. But how the hell can we record an album without a band? Maybe David will bring one with him." As he speaks, Ben's mobile rings:
"Hello, this is Ben Chatham. Oh hi David, are you on your way? Oh! Throat infection? Can't you come along anyway? Oh ok." Ben throws the phone down.
"He's not coming. But he said we could use any of his superlative back catalogue so all is not lost. But we've now got no artists to sing them."
Ben's eyes filled with tears as Katie strode in.
"Have we had any luck with the producers Katie?" he asked her, wiping the tears from his dark, dreamy eyes:
"Lots of rejections but two firm offers from Phil Spector and Jonathan King".
"Phil Spector? Didn't he work with the Beatles. We'll have him". Corinne intervenes:
"Hang on Ben. He's in prison in America."
"Well can't they release him? This is important".
"They won't do that" Corinne replied. Ben stared at her angrily:
"What so they keep him locked up for some minor crime while my organisation goes down the drain? Typical Americans. Well I'm not giving up. We will release the album."
"How?" Katie asks.
"By recording it ourselves. WE will become the band.........................."

........... to be continued.


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