Sunday, 1 January 2012

"The Wedding of Ben Chatham" Part 3

OK folks, here is the gripping New Years Day instaulment of this major Doctor Who spin off story.


Ben felt alone, despondent and wretched. The walls of life seemed to be crushing his sensitive mind. He knocked back another glass of port and stared at the familiar surroundings of his parents' country house in rural Wiltshire. Alastair Chatham had insisted that his son spend the Christmas perod at home and the boredom of doing so was driving Ben to distraction. He threw his glass at the Christmas tree and it whizzed past and smashed on the wall beyond. The sound brought Ben's mother into the room:
"What was that noise? Ben? Did you throw a glass at the wall again?" Ben's dark dreamy eyes stared into space. Mrs Chatham elegantly turned towards him:
"Its high time that you pulled yourself together Benjamin. Your father and I are deeply concerned about your state of mind." As she spoke the doorbell rang and Mrs Chatham went into the hall to answer it. Opening the door she saw an attractive blonde youth standing before her:
"Er Hello. I'm James. James Bartlett. My father invited me........" Mrs Chatham gasped :
"He did what??" As she spoke Alastair Chatham came rushing downstairs:
"Er yes dear, I must have forgotten to explain. I thought we could have a proper family New Years celebration together."
"My God Alastair, you never cease to disgust me. I'm surprised you didn't invite his French whore of a mother as well. I'm going upstairs for a valium."

Mrs Chatham elegantly glided upstairs while Alastair showed James into the exquisedly furnished front room with wooden beams, wood panelling, stag-heads mounted on the walls and exclusive Harrods Christmas decorations. Ben looked up at his brother:
"Oh this just gets worse. Why are you here?" Alastair frowned:
"He's here because I invited him. He is my son and a fine young man. Man being the key word." Ben flicked his golden hair back:
"You know nothing about him." James held out his hand to Ben:
"Look Ben can we not like make up. I'm sorry for what I did."
"No we can't".
Alastair Chatham left the room to go upstairs and talk round his wife. James elegantly smiled:
"Look Ben I'm not just here because of dad. Your colleagues Katie and Jack contacted me and I'm like working with them. They know that dad has stopped you seeing Operation Delta people as part of his bail conditions and they're waiting in the Red Lion . All we have to do is make an excuse to go for a New Years Day drink."
When Alastair Chatham returns, Ben and James pretend to have made up and to be engaged in an interesting discussion about Flemish painting. Alastair smiles:
"I've succeeded in talking your mother round. I pointed out that only the lumpen bourgeoisie object to their husbands having mistresses wheras a true lady accepts her husband's occasional dalliances." James smiles radiantly:
"We have also like made up. We thought we'd celebrate with a glass of wine in the Red Lion."

Later in the Red Lion Ben sipped an absinthe and stared at Captain Jack Harkness:
"What is going on Jack?"
"Its a conspiracy that has been very carefully planned Ben. Given the goddam police have been allowed to concoct false evidence and beat up suspects without exposure, I'd say that involves not just their bosses but the major media moguls as well as politicians and other influential people."
"But why?"
"Hell Ben we must assume that its some kind of alien threat. Why else target Operation Delta."
Katie Ryan interjected:
"I recon that its an attempt to take over the UK from the top down. We can assume that they don't have the power or resources to just invade. So they are gaining control over those in power on a gradual basis."
"How is Kyle doing?" Ben asks.
"Oh chavboy? He's still very weak. Luigi has been released as well so we're both looking after him. He took one hell of a beating. Also we're running out of cash and the bills are piling up. If this goes on for much longer we'll have the ¤¤¤¤ing bailiffs knocking on Operation Delta HQ's door."
Ben stared at his glass and swirled the absinthe round:
"I feel like I've really had enough Katie. My organisation is going bust and my name has been ruined in the press. My father wants me to get married as well or he'll cut me out of his will." Katie reaches under the table and strokes Ben's knee:
"At least something good is coming out of this then Ben".
"What do you mean?"
"Oh come on Ben. I'm more than ready to help straighten you out".
"I'm not marrying you. I have someone else in mind."
Ben takes out his mobile and rings a number:
"Hi is that Emma? Emma Cole? Hi its Ben here. Happy new year! I'm calling to offer you marriage. You know how wealthy my family is so you'll be able to live in a nice house with room for a pony. I assure you that you will be well provided for and I will engage in sexual activity with you once every two weeks provided that our parents approve..........." be continued.

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