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Time Out of Mind Part 4

Ok folks, here is part 4 of this true 50th anniversary Doctor Who special:

Part 4 : Prisoners In the Forbidden Tower

Ben Chatham put down the phone and turned towards his father Alastair, flicking his golden hair out of his dark, tear-filled eyes:

"Look father I have to go. An important case has blown up. That was a woman on the phone who is in fear of her life and Kyle has just sent me a long email account of developments in Lancashire which require my urgent attention." Alastair Chatham frowned:

"Drop the excuses Benjamin. I want to know why you are treating your wife so contemptably. I had Emma call round in tears earlier and had to miss my Parish Council meeting in order to comfort her. You are behaving like a cad." Ben looked down at the ground:

"Look father, you don't understand. Its all just a minor disagreement."

"Minor disagreement? She was inconsolable. Said that you told her that you didn't love her. I hope you are not having thoughts of the Oscar Wilde sort again. Explain to me what is going on."

"Er no , no, look you've got it all wrong. Its nothing like that. I'm a healthy heterosexual. Its just that Emma and I disagree about .... about how to furnish the house. She wants all modern decor....."

"But she says that you don't even live together" Alastair shouted.

"Oh she's just trying to punish me. Look I've got to go, this case really is urgent..."

Ben picked up his £6000 jacket and his car keys and rushed out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, on Bowland Fell, Evie Hanney was running as fast as she could. She knew that she would be stopped had she tried to leave the Nuclear Research Centre by car, so she had scaled the perimeter wire fence, Her hands were torn and cut from the barbed wire at the top and she had dislocated her shoulder. She ran and stumbled in agony through the dank, Lancashire countryside. As she emerged onto a narrow lane, she thought that she could hear a child crying. Evie paused and listened. Somewhere an owl hooted in the distance and then Evie heard the sobbing again. It seemed very close. She walked al little down the lane then saw a little girl sitting by the side of the road. Her clothes were dirty rags and she was thin and emaciated. Evie rushed towards her:

"Hey. Whats the matter? Are you lost? Where are your mummy and daddy? I'm called Evie. Whats your name?"

"I'm called Jennet missy. I don't have a daddy."

"Oh I'm sorry. What about your mummy? Is she nearby?"

"My mummy's a witch!" the child said emphatically.

"Oh dear. Thats not a nice thing to say about your mummy. Look, why don't you come with me and we'll phone for some help."

Evie took out her Smartphone and began to phone the police. As she did so Jennet stood up and pulled a kitchen knife from behind her back. She stabbed Evie in the chest then slowly twisted the knife laughing uncontrollably....

In the strange castle, the 2nd, 3rd and 9th Doctors were still arguing when the sound of footsteps caused them to stop and turn towards the end of the corridor. Two familiar figures emerged from round the corner and strode towards them, the 10th and 4th Doctors.

"Oh now this is getting rather silly. You two are me as well I suppose?" The 2nd Doctor exclaimed.

"Er yes. Pleased to meet you. We arrived earlier. Before you ask, we are on the planet Zeneth. Prisoners in the Forbbiden Tower" the 10th Doctor said, overly fast while grinning broadly.

"What exactly is the Forbidden Tower? Come on, explain man" the 3rd Doctor sternly exclaimed. The 4th Doctor gave him a toothy grin:

"Oh I wouldn't worry. Its just an impenetrable fortress within a huge celestial city guarded by millions of alien troops. Would you like a jelly baby? *offers sweets* The 3rd Doctor frowns:

"No I would not. Would you mind explaining why we have been brought here and by whom. The Time Lords?" he asked. The 10th and 9th Doctors exchanged glances:

"Are you going to tell him or shall I?" the 10th Doctor asked. The 9th stepped forward:

"Well you see its like this pal. The Time Lords couldn't have brought us here as they no longer exist. They died in the Time War along with Gallifrey and the Daleks. Sorry an' all that."

The 11th Doctor, Clara and Kyle had returned to the Black Witch pub. They ordered some drinks and asked Bill Smith for a menu:

"Uh noo. We don't bother wi' menus in this pub. This is a traditional pub not one 'a them places thats turned inta a fancy restaurant. The wife makes meat an' potato pies an' Lancashire hot pots. Thats yer choice."

"Oh in that case I'll have a Lancashire hot pot. I've never had a hot pot. Hot pots are so wonderfully northern" the Doctor said, doing a spin on his heels. Smith frowned:

"You tryin' ta be funny?" Kyle intervened.

"Ere its just 'is way like. I'll have a pie." Clara winced:

"You need to offer a wider choice. Don't you offer a vegan dish or cous-cous and cornation chicken?" Smith glared at her:

"If you want that fancy muck lass yer can get out and go somewhere else. Yer can 'ave a pie and get it down yer neck."

They sat down:

"I suggest that we get him tipsy at his own bar then question him. If Rebecca's tip is right, and they always are, he may at least know about the rituals involved in Fawley's death." Clara scowled:

"She seemed as daft as a brush. Its beyond me why you befriend such freaks" she exclaimed. Kyle stared at her:

"Ere I don't get you. You were all reasonable when we were with that copper, sayin' that modern wiccans don't murder people. Then in Rebecca's 'ouse you were bang out of order an' bloody rude to 'er like." Clara slammed her glass down:

"Don't you question me. Who are you anyway, just some investigator?"

As she spoke, Mrs Smith arrived from the kitchen with a tray of food. She was a large lady with long, black hair and a well endowed upper region. She put down the tray:

"Get this lot down yer necks *turning to the Doctor* Its not often we get such fine lookin' boys in here. I might have a special treat for you later."

Smith shouted at his wife:

"Mary. Get back 'ere an' put another barrel on for me. Leave the lad alone."

As he spoke, the door of the Black Witch flew open and in strode......

............. the Fifth Doctor with Tegan!

.............. to be continued.

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