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The 50th Anniversary Special: "Time Out of Mind" Part 2

Part 2 : Old Demdike

Kyle Scott drove steadily through the driving Lancashire rain. In the darkness he could just make out the flashing lights of police vehicles in the distance before he came to a police road block. He would down the car window:

"Ere I spoke to you lot on the blower a while back. I'm Kyle, the geezer who was goin' to meet with Fawley like. Any chance I can get a shufty of the scene?"

"Noo lad noo. The guvnor will come and intervooo you , aye he will", the officer replied. As he did so, a young man danced towards the car and Kyle recognised the Doctor:

"Oh hi Doc",

The Doctor grinned:

"Oh wow its Kyle isn't it? Kyle Scott. *Grinning* how's Ben doing. Clara, come and meet Kyle. Kyle's cool."

Clara strode up frowning:

"This is no time for socialising Doctor *sees Kyle and blushes* Oh, hi Kyle, pleased to meet you." Clara nudged the Doctor in the ribs:

"He's hot" she whispered. The Doctor grinned and turned to Kyle:

"We just got here. Followed a hitchhiker so to speak. Don't like hitchhikers. Hitchhikers arn't cool. So why are you here?"

"Ben like sent me. I was goin' to meet Fawley as he had info on some cover up or other at that nuclear research centre up the road."

"Ah yes that. Saw that in the distance. Nuclear means bad. Usually. Come and see the body" the Doctor quipped, showing the policeman his psychic paper. The policeman grunted and gestured that Kyle could drive on. The Doctor and Clara jumped into the car and they were allowed through the road block, Clara sitting in the front passanger seat and gazing at Kyle's legs.

Elsewhere in time and space, the Third Doctor was chatting away to Jo Grant while enjoying a glass of 1886 Chateau De Homboux claret and some finest Isle of Arran stilton.

"Mmmm this wine has just the right body for its cheeky pivaro grape flavours. The Brigadier certainly keeps a fine cellar for a man so embraced by the military mindset."

Jo laughed:

"Oh Doctor, you know we'd be lost without him. We'd never have escaped the Ogrons back there without UNIT back up." The Doctor grinned:

"Yes Jo, I suppose you're right. Your loyalty to your superior officer is commendable."

As he spoke, SGT Benton emerged from the TARDIS back rooms"

"Thanks for the shower and the change of uniform Doctor. I really needed that after falling in that swamp on Skaro."

"Ah SGT Benton. We should soon be home. Thanks again for your help" the Doctor said before a strange judder went through the TARDIS."

"What's happening Doctor?" Jo shrieked. The Doctor went to the console and flicked some switches as the TARDIS continued to judder:

"Jo, we seem to have aquired an unwanted hitchhiker. One who has the ability to divert the TARDIS off course. Wherever or whenever we are going, it certainly isn't 2oth century earth......."

The First Doctor huffed and grunted as the TARDIS continued to judder and sway. Ian Chesterton frowned:

"Can't you do something to stop it Doctor?" The Doctor stared at him arrogantly:

"My dear boy, you surely don't expect me to solve every problem in an instant do you? Hmmm?"

"Oh do something grandfather, its getting worse" shrieked Susan, who was in a state. The Doctor put his arm around her:

"Now now my dear there's no need to worry. All thats happened its some alien force has latched onto the TARDIS and is following in its wake like an unwanted passenger".

"But where are we heading for Doctor" Barbara asked.

"My dear, how an I supposed to know that? Hmmm? How?"

The Ninth Doctor jumped around his console leering and grinning. Rose Tyler stared at him:

"I can't believe you just dumped my mum off in the high street, said 'bye' then flew us off again."

"'Ang about, it was you who wanted her out of the way. Now the daft old trout is gone we can go anywhere we like. Together. *grins*"

Rose laughed:

"Oh well if you put it like that. I suppose Mickey can wait as well."

"Oh Dickie. I'd forgotten all about him".

Suddenly the TARDIS juddered and a strange whirring sound started.

"Do you have a problem with your pipes?" Rose asked. The Doctor leered:

"'Ey there's no need to get personal. Looks like we've been hijacked......."

Kyle, the 11th Doctor and Clara got out of the car and approached Fawley's car, which had smashed into a large oak tree. The Doctor approached a policeman:

"I suppose the body's all mangled and horrible. Can I take a little peek?" the Doctor asked.

"Nay lad. Its not in the car. Its worse than that."

"Ere where is it then? Thrown out like by the impact?" Kyle asked.

"Come wi me lads" the burly lancashire policeman gestured. He turned to Clara:

"Not you lassie. This ain't a sight for the fairer sex." Clara was annoyed:

"You sexist northern pig. Show me the body now!"

"Fair enough lassie. On you're own 'ead be it."

The policeman led them through some dank undergrowth and out into a field where some other policemen were shining a torch on a grisly sight. Tied to a tree was Fawley, his eyes gouged out and a pentagram carved onto his naked torso. On the tree was nailed a piece of paper with a stange message inscribed on it:

"Old Demdike lives!"........ be continued.

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