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OK folks, here is part 3 of the dark, autumnal 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special. The one that I'd have written and had filmed were I in the showrunner's seat. Enjoy:

Part 3 : Mist Over Pendle

The 11th Doctor winced at the sight of Fawley's eyeless corpse tied to the tree. The rope was pulled so tight round the neck that it had cut into the flesh.

"Oh that's nasty. Not cool. Not cool at all." The policeman approached:

"Aye. This be witchcraft. Time they brought back burnin' 'em if you ask me laddie. Aye it is." Clara was annoyed:

"Thats an ignorant opinion. Modern wiccans do not engage in acts of ritual sacrificing." The policeman turned to the Doctor:

"She's a fiery lass you've got there. Sure she ain't one of 'em? In wi that Pendle lot?" The Doctor frowned:

"Clara is not a witch. I think we've seen enough here".

The Doctor, Kyle and Clara returned to the car:

"Ere Doctor, what did that ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ mean by 'that Pendle lot?' Kyle asked.

"He was referring to the Pendle witch trial of 1612. A whole group of people who lived near Pendle Hill in Lancashire were accused of witchcraft and hanged as a result. There are people who still think that there is a secret witch cult active in the Pendle area and it seems that our policeman friend is one who believes that."

"Sounds like a load a superstitious crap" Kyle replied.

"Well I think we'll pay a visit to an old friend of mine to get more info. She's cool. You'll love her" the Doctor says with a grin.

Elsewhere the Third Doctor's TARDIS landed.

"Where are we Doctor?" Jo Grant asked.

"Hmmm. I've no idea Jo. The monitors have all gone dead and the screens are blank. Most inauspicious.Lets have a look shall we."

The Doctor opened the TARDIS doors to reveal the long, stone corridor within a medieval style castle. Burning torches flickered from pedastals in the walls and lit the scene. At the far end of the corridor stood..... another TARDIS!

"Oh no. I might have guessed. He must be here!" the Doctor said angrily.

"The Master!" Jo added in an annoyed tone.

"Hey Doctor, he's made his TARDIS look like yours" Sgt Benton added.

"Hmm. Well he always was an imitator rather than an innovator" the Doctor said, striding off towards the other TARDIS. As he neared the other TARDIS, the Door flew open and out walked...............

.......the Second Doctor and Jamie.

"Oh no. What the hell are you doing here?" the third Doctor asked.

"Me? What am I doing here? What are you doing here?" The second Doctor shouted back.

"Is this their doing? The Time Lords? Come on man explain!"

"Me explain? You explain!"

"No you explain!"

Jo Grant intervened:

"Er Doctors. Sorry to interrupt, but isn't it better for us to just calmly try and work out what has happened here?"

"NO!" The Doctors shouted in unison. Suddenly there was the familiar sound of the TARDIS materialising. Out of the third TARDIS stepped......

.......the ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

"'Ang about. Whats going on?" the ninth Doctor explained.

"Well he can't be one of us, he's a rather scruffy looking northerner" the Third Doctor said in a disgusted tone.

"Hey I am one of you. You're that snooty dandy I once was. Thank Christ I grew out of then daft outfits. And playing that silly recorder." The second Doctor was annoyed:

"Who are you calling silly? At least I don't look scruffy?" The ninth Doctor grinned:

"Me scruffy? You look like a bloody tramp." Rose Tyler approached Jamie:

"Hi I'm Rose"

"Och I'm Jamie lassie"

"Pleased to meet you Jamie" *pouts seductively*.

Meanwhile, back on earth, the 11th Doctor, Clara and Kyle drove through the dark, windswept Lancashire countryside towards the huge, brooding, shadowy Pendle Hill. It was a cold, damp night and there were no street lights along the narrow lanes. They turned a bend and saw a small , whitewashed cottage in the distance. The Doctor gestured to Kyle to stop:

"Hey we're here. Yay. Fun. Come on". He jumped out of the car, adjusted his bow tie and rapped the little wooden door. The door squeaked open and there stood an attractive woman in her early thirties with long flowing dark hair and hippyish clothes, involving beads and purple flowing scarves.

"Doctor! How great to see you!"

"And its so very good to see you Rebecca. Everyone, this is my dear friend Rebecca Hearne, head of the English Federation of White Witches. May we come in......"

Rebecca served them all a cup of nettle tea and a slice of fruitcake. Her cottage was full of drying herbs and books on Wiccan herbalism and candle magic. Clara winced:

"This tea is disgusting and this cottage gives me the creeps. It stinks of incense." Rebecca laughed:

"Would you prefer a beer or a glass of wine?"

"Whats that got in it? Frogs legs?" Clara said in disgust.

Kyle intervened:

"Ere Rebecca. I'll 'ave a beer if its ok. I think you're gaff looks really nice."

The Doctor smiled:

"Please forgive my female colleague Rebecca. We are here to ask you if you know of any black witch or satanist activity in the area recently. There's been a rather grisly murder up near Bowland Fell." Rebecca sipped her nettle tea:

"Oh no. I feared something like this might happen soon. I saw a black raven in the tea leaves this morning and had a seeing where blood dripped from a tree. Was it near the nuclear research station?"

"Yes" the Doctor replied.

"People have told me of strange things going on near there. Evidence of black mass celebrations and so on. Ridiculous people mostly, students and kids who think that wicca equates to satanism and all that stuff. So ill informed. You might want to talk to a man called Bill Smith. He runs a pub in Lancaster called The Black Witch. A very silly man who sees himself as a black magician."

"Ere I'm stayin' there. He was a bit of a funny 'un" Kyle said.

Back at Bowland Fell Nuclear Research Station, a girl in her mid-twenties was putting some equipment back into a storage room. The lab was deserted, yet she still looked around warily before locking herself in the room and pulling a smartphone out of her overall pocket. She dialed quickly:

" hello... hello. Can I speak to a Mr Chatham please. Oh hi, my name is Evie Hanney Mr Chatham. Please you've got to help me. Did Nathan ring you?.... Nathan Fawley.. Look we're in danger.....Mr Chatham please listen.....they're stealing nuclear bombs.......

.................... to be continued.

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