Thursday, 5 July 2007

Delivery services like Parcelforce and City Link

I'm absolutely furious frankly. They only deliver Monday to Friday at times when people are AT WORK. They then proceed to take your parcel to some distant depot in the middle of nowhere , impossible to get to if you don't drive. They won't redeliver on Saturdays and if you phone them you get some patronising recorded message.


Bernie Fishnotes said...

That's because you're just a member of the public. Everybody knows that the real money for these companies is in the business sector.

Us mere mortals aren't worth the effort...

sparacus said...

I'm going to leave a note on the door asking them to leave it round the back tomorrow, despite their little card saying they won't. Its a £25 bottle of Arran single malt.
Thing is their depot is right on the outskirts of Ipswich , how the hell am I supposed to get THERE being a non-driver.

Youth of Australia said...

Can't you just use a different service?

I find it baffling British post seems like a game of Russian roulette. Where I am, if you post something, it damn well gets where it has to be by the end of the day.

Australia rocks!

Cameron Mason said...

Australia Post is great, except from when the replacement postie on your area starts stealing people's mail.

I lost three issues of Doctor Who Magazine and two Telos novellas that way.

Once Australia Post found this out and sacked the guy did they offer to compensate me for my loss, or Panini and Telos for replacement costs?

Of course not.

Youth of Australia said...

I never said it was perfect, and, you know, psycho who fan posties aside, it generally works.

Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

a) Can you not get them to deliver it to your workplace

b) Can't you use a different service, as YoA suggested.

c) Thank you for clarifying that the precious parcel in question is more alcohol, thus absolving us from any doubts we may have had on the matter.

Youth of Australia said...

Hmm. Rereading your topic again, Spara, I'd say you have a genuine grievance, but unless you plan to do a Rosie Parks and trash this delivery service and change the course of mankind forever... just use something different.