Friday, 19 December 2008


Ok, here is the next part of the Christmas special folks:


Ben and Shakey Jake trek through the glistening snow towards the spinney in the distance. Climbing over a stile, Jake surveys the scene around:
“Hey man, this is really gorgeous, just like on a Christmas card. Far out!”Ben is more concerned about the mysterious craft:
“I think we’d better speed up . Whatever that thing was that ascended, it was just the other side of those trees.”
“Maybe it’s a race of people who have sensed the crying of the ravaged earth and come to teach us how to save the planet” Jake muses, passing Ben a piece of flapjack.Eventually they reach the spinney and walk carefully through the dark, eerie trees, the silence interspersed with the hooting of owls. Emerging out of the trees, Ben sees that they are in the grounds of a large building. Walking up to the entrance, Ben reads the sign:
“St Osyth’s Hospital: Private”
“Interesting. Now why would an alien craft be landing in the grounds of a hospital.” Ben muses.

Back in the Water of Life Centre, Katie has returned to her room and locked herself in, shocked by the sight of Aston killing Marianne. She pours herself a vodka to calm her nerves then starts to text Ben when she hears a knock on the door. She stops completely still however the knock is repeated, this time accompanied by a voice:
“Miss Ryan. Please open the door , I need to speak to you urgently.”It is an elderly male voice. Katie opens the door slowly and sees an old man dressed in a tweed jacket.
“Please let me in Miss Ryan.”Katie is still stressed out from recent events:
“What the hell do you want? Are you some old pervert who stalks the rooms?”
“Miss Ryan please calm down. My name is Alistair Lethbridge Stewart and I am working here undercover for UNIT. Now please let me in.”Katie recognises the name and lets him in:
“Ok, I’ve heard Ben mention you. Calls you the Brigadier. You and he have a mutual friend in the Doctor.”
“Oh yes. Splendid chap, all of them. Now Miss Ryan, I presume you and Ben are here for the same reason I am?”Katie frowns:
“I doubt it. Ben is here on retreat. What the hell is going on ? I just saw that Dr Aston kill a journalist with some kind of light energy from his eyes.”The Brigadier is concerned:
“Miss Ryan, young women have been vanishing from this centre for months. And there have been reports of strange lights in the sky. Whatever Aston is, he certainly isn’t human…….”

Back in the hospital, Ben & Jake are sitting in the waiting room. Jake is pretending to have hurt his arm as a subterfuge to get to see a Doctor. Ben’s mobile bleeps and he sees that its another text from Anselm:
“Ben please call me. Need to explain. Please. A. xxx”
He flings the phone into his pocket in disgust.
“That’s him again. Well he can certainly forget the chance of me calling him on request *looking around the waiting room* Its good to see how clean and uncluttered this hospital is. A far better experience than waiting in an NHS waiting room, clogged up with yobs fresh from fights and foul-mouthed women screaming abuse at the nurses.”Jake is called in to see the Doctor and he feigns a pain in his arm. Meanwhile, Ben slips past the consultation room and goes on a scout round the hospital corridors. Walking around he sees little of interest until he enters a staircase and descends to another level. Here the corridors are dimly lit. Turning a corner he hears voices:
“How many more must we breed before the experiment is complete?”
“Only one more batch. The great scientist promises this. Then all will be ready for our race to be reborn… and to make this earth our home………………”

……………to be continued.

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