Friday, 19 December 2008


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Ben peers round the doorway and sees the two humanoid creatures who had just been speaking. They are wearing silver uniforms and have green-tinged skin and slim faces. Hearing footsteps in the corridor behind him, Ben runs of quickly and finds a staircase up to the higher level. Finding his way back into the hospital proper he quickly finds Jake, who is being given a ticking off by a nurse for time wasting, and they make a swift exit.
“Hey man, they were really uncool about me not being a registered patient” Jake comments.
“It’s a private hospital, they hardly wish to have their time wasted by some hippy scruff with nothing wrong with him. Anyway, enough of this, the more pertinent issue is that there are aliens conducting some kind of experiments here. We need to get back and consider our next move.”

Back at the Centre, Ben is sitting in the lounge with Jake, Katie and the Brigadier enjoying a scotch and discussing the recent events.:
“It is clear from what Katie has said that this Aston is the great scientist that I overheard the aliens talking about. Possibly he is some form of shape shifter or an android” Ben outlines.The Brigadier knocks back his scotch and Ben pours him another glass:
“UNIT have had their suspicions for some time and felt that a bit of careful surveillance was needed. The question is what do we do now? I suggest that we need an insider to get into the hospital” the Brigadier says.Katie looks up:
“Why don’t you fake having a heart attack? You’re an old man.”
“Good thinking Miss Ryan. I happen to have overheard that this place has a deal with the chaps at that private hospital : they buy treatment there and add it onto our bills.”Later, the Brigadier has a nap and Ben turns towards Katie:
“Katie, I was meaning to ask you what your plans are for Christmas this year.”
“None at all. Why?” Katie replies.
“Well I was wondering if you you’d like to spend Christmas with me and my folks.”
“Er well yes Ben. But wouldn’t you rather be spending your time trying to sort things out with loverboy or have you seen sense at last?”Ben pours another drink:
“That can wait. My parents don’t approve of that kind of thing and I want them to know that I’m having a normal, healthy relationship with a girlfriend.”Katie is annoyed:
“You mean you ****ing want me there just to please them instead of being honest?”
“Calm down Katie. Its not as if you’ve anything else to do and my family think we look good together.”

The next morning the Brigadier’s plan is put into action. In the breakfast room he pretends to keel over, clutching his chest. Jake fakes alarm:
“Hey folks! The old guy’s like having a space out, must be his heart. This is really heavy.”Several staff members crowd round him and a few minutes later he is whisked off in an ambulance.Meanwhile, Katie decides to bite the bullet and brave a massage session with Aston. As his smooth hands caress her back and pert buttocks she asks him how long he has worked here:
“Oh for some time Miss Ryan. Now try to relax.”Suddenly she feels a hyperdermic plunge into her arm. She quickly loses consciousness……………..

………………. To be continued.

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