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OK, here is the next part folks:


Katie wakes up in a hospital ward surrounded by other women. All are chained to the beds, including Katie, who screams aggressively and tugs at the chain. Two humanoid aliens with green skin appear and approach the bed:
“Please do not make noise or struggle. Such behaviour would be a futile gesture and we would have to sedate you again.”
“What the **** are you? And why am I chained to this ****ing bed ?” Katie shouts.
“Do be quiet. Your loudness may alarm the other females. You are here to help in our breeding programme. We are the Cheaons, a sterile race and our planet is stripped or resources. However our great scientist has found a way to breed a new generation through inseminating your women. Once we have produced the new generation then we will claim this planet. Our great scientist has a virus that will wipe out humans quickly and almost painlessly.”
Katie is given another injection and she passes out.

Meanwhile, the Brigadier has been brought into the regular part of the hospital. Having been kept in for observation, he waits for the nurse to depart before going on the prowl. He walks down the corridor and up some stairs. Winding around a corner he hears voices and observes some aliens in the distance. Alarmed, he pulls out the mobile that Ben had given him and texts him. Then he waits for the aliens to walk off and pokes his head around the doorway of the next room. He is surprised to see Katie Ryan chained to a bed in a room full of other women in a similar state. He fumbles around in the nurse’s draw and finds the keys to the padlocks. Releasing Katie he gives her a shake to wake her up:
“Miss Ryan. Please try to get up. It is imperative we leave now.”They stumble out into the corridor and after a while find their way out of a side door and outside the building, just as Ben turns up in his car:
“Get in quick.” Ben shouts urgently, then he speeds off. The Brigadier is impressed with the car:
“Ben, when this business has been sorted out, I’d like to make you a gift. it’s a delightful car called Bessie that once belonged to the Doctor. Splendid vehicle.”Ben is impressed:
“Hey thanks.”The Brigadier ruffles his hair.

Back at the centre, they sit planning their next course of action in the car.
“Clearly we cannot just go back in. They’ll be looking for us. I suggest we call for backup” Ben says.He calls UNIT and reaches for a bottle of absinthe and some glasses from the back seat. The Brigadier has a sleep while Ben and Katie have a drink:
“You know Katie, I really didn’t mean to offend you asking you for Christmas” Ben says. Katie however is irritated:
“You really need to sort your head out Ben. One minute your telling your parents that you’re gay and the next you’re making out that you’re not. What the hell is wrong with you?”Ben is upset:
“Katie, you could be a bit more sympathetic. My parents are important members of the church and dad’s on the Parish Council.”
“So what? Are you a man or a ****ing mouse?” Katie shouts.
“Katie, you are clearly overwrought by recent events. Try to calm yourself.”
Suddenly however a gun is pointed through the window at Ben’s head:
“Please get out of the car”It is Aston…………….

.………… be continued.

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