Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Sad Demise of Woolworths

It seems that the closing down sale will start tomorrow which means that there may be little chance of a buyer being found. Its outrageous that Gordon Brown hasn't agreed to step in and bail them out. Woolworths are the people's store and an essential feature of the high street.


Purves Grundy said...

It's ironic that so many people are moaning about the demise of "British High Street mainstay" Woolies when the company was originally American.

The Yanks closed down the last of their stores about 20-odd years ago and they got over it. I'm sure we will, too.

I used to love Woolies as a kid, but with the advent of big supermarkets and the internet, they were always going to struggle in this day and age. Their attempts to try and become like Argos in recent years were laughable, to be honest.

Youth of Australia said...

axThey're still going strong in Australia if it's any comfort.

Purves Grundy said...

Not really a comfort, Youth.

Australia still has poisonous snakes and spiders killing people, too.

Anonymous said...

Woolies were an unfocused purveyor of mainstream generica staffed by the brain-dead and the terminally inept.

Being good in the 70s does not give them a right to survive, and they won't be missed by anyone who's actually living in the 21st Century.

Good riddance to them.

sparacus said...


I disagree. Woolies is useful for all kinds of things and many people will miss it. Some of us do not want to shop at Tescos or some other out of town supermarket.

Anonymous said...

Even in the last throes of their closing down sale, Woolies are still trying to flog DVDs at a dearer price than pretty much everyone else on the high street.

Terminally Inept.

If it was the people's store, the people would have shopped there more often, and the stores wouldn't be in the state they're in now. The people have voted with their wallets and gone elsewhere - myself included.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell Wilf, er I mean anonymous did you get sacked from Woolies once or what?!

I agree though, they are crap, and the DVD prices make Smiths look cheap. Actually I went in to buy a can of fruit juice the other day, normally it costs 55p, they'd put it up to 95! Needless to say I bought it somewhere else. Some closing down sale!