Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Ben Chatham Summer Special: "THE CREEPING SAND"

OK, here is a one off, one episode story to preceed 'Caves of Oblivion".


It is a warm, sultry summer afternoon. Ben Chatham is sitting on the beach alone in his thoughts. It has been two days since he bid farewell to the Doctor after returning in the TARDIS from the 15th century alone. He slowly massages more sun tan oil into his smooth and shapely legs, letting the sunlight glisten on his perfectly formed limbs.As he closes his eyes and sinks into a whirlpool of melancholy he hears a group of people approaching. Looking up, he sees Katie, Kyle and Jake and gives a groan:
"What are you lot doing here? I said I wanted time on my own".
"Ere don't be like that Ben. We thought you could use some company" Kyle replies.
"Well you thought wrong", Ben replies, putting on his exclusive £800 sunglasses. Katie opens up a hamper and starts laying out some food: strawberries and cream, champagne and cucumber sandwiches. She looks at Ben:
"Still sulking about Nathaniel I see. Look he told you straight that he needed to stay behind in the 15th century to provide for his mother and younger siblings. Get over it."
"Oh shut up Katie" Ben replies, massaging more oil onto his arms. Jake meanwhile has rolled a cigarette on his guitar and stares out to sea:
"Its like the sea is kissing the earth mother. Far out man, far out."
"Oh dear God, you do talk some ****e" Katie exclaims.
"Hey its true. Just look at the water and loosen your mind. Let the shimmering of the light on the waves enter your uptight soul and set it free" Jake replies. Katie laughs scornfully:
"Get your hair cut" she shouts.Ben is irritated:
"Look, the last thing I need right now is you lot bickering around me. I've been let down and I need time to myself".

Kyle picks up a dish of strawberries and takes them to Ben:
"Oh cam on Ben, we're just worried about you thats all."Kyle is wearing beach shorts and Ben is struck by how attractive his friend looks He smiles for the first time in two days:
"You look far better without those awful clothes you normally wear."
Suddenly there is a scream from way down the beach. They look around and see a group of people disappearing underneith a wall of sand. It is as if the sand has taken on a life of its own and eaten them alive. Ben is concerned:
"What the hell? Some alien force or energy life-form is alive within the sand. We need to get out of here sharpish."They all leap up, knocking over the champagne and scramble up the beach, however Kyle gives a shout
"Ere guys, 'ang on. Look!"They look around to see...........

........... a film crew approaching as several stuntmen are dug out of the sand. One of them shouts out:
"Excuse me, would you mind moving. You're getting in the background. We're filming scenes for a new Sci-fi series: "Earthwatch". Ben is annoyed:
"Thats it. You lot can do what you want, but I'm off to the Mermaid".


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