Sunday, 17 May 2009


OK folks its here: the final gripping part of this popular Doctor Who adventure :


Henry is about to press the red button when a door bursts open. Ben and his team rush in waving swords borrowed from the Hampton Court armoury display. Kyle lobs a stone at the King which hits him on the head, knocking him off the throne. The guards rush at them and a swordfight ensues with Ben and Kyle taking the lead:
"Its a good job I had fencing lessons as a youth" Ben exclaims, running through a rough looking guard while Kyle wrongfoots one and bashes him on the head with a flagon of ale:
"This is great innit". Meanwhile, Anselm hands his sword to the Doctor:
"I am not experienced with this mode of combat"
"No worries *grinning* I am" the Doctor replies, lunging at a guard. Henry revives and tries to grab the remote, however Martha sees this and stamps on his hand while Katie kicks him in the teeth:
"Get away from that you beardy old lech". Barry Tuck tries to help Henry:
"Hey love, thats my boss...... ahhhhhr", falling back as Katie punches him:
"And you can shut it you sexist slug". Jake borrows the lute-player's instrument and plays "Ripple" by the Grateful Dead while chewing a piece of flapjack.

Meanwhile the Doctor & Ben have found a large control panel by a far wall:
"Ha! if I push this button here and pull that lever there it should reverse the Time journey and send this lot back to their proper age" the Doctor exclaims. Henry hears this and shouts:
"No no, please. I am King Henry VIII, Supreme head of the church in England. I command you to stop." The Doctor smiles:
"And I'm the Doctor, supreme head of.... of... oh who cares". The Doctor pulls the lever & pushes the button and Henry and his men dissolve and vanish back to their own time.

Later, the Doctor & Martha are on the planet Solanta 3 speaking to Grand Professor Zantra , a tall, green reptillian dressed in formal robes:
"I am truely grateful that you have agreed to take on Tremath and Astellata and educate them to your highest standards" the Doctor states."We are pleased that you are familiar with our reputation as the leading planet of educational learning in the galaxy" the Professor replies.
"Oh yes. And your reputation for the firmest discipline" Martha adds.
"Oh yes. Here we have no interactive Krypton boards or group activities and other dumbed down approaches. Just good traditional methods *the Professor waves his cane and twiddles with the thumbscrews*. Tremath and Astellata gulp.

Meanwhile, Ben and his team are enjoying a drink in the Mermaid Wine Bar and discussing recent events. Ben is very withdrawn and stares at his glass of wine before gulping it down.
"Hey, are you okay Ben?" Kyle asks. Ben is irritated:
"Obviously I'm not ok Kyle. The Doctor acted so quickly I had no time to get him to stop and work out how to send the others back and not Nathaniel. I'm not sure that I can forgive him."
"The Doc did say that there was no other way, it was all or none like".
"Oh just shut it Kyle, you're not helping" *gulps another drink*. Tears fill Ben's eyes and he buries his head in his hands on the table.Meanwhile, Barry Tuck arrives with a tray of drinks, sporting a black eye.
"Here's your ****ing drinks. Get em down your necks. Anyway *pointing at eye* this **** reminds me of a gag, what do you say to a woman with two black eyes?"
"Like what man?" Jake replies:
"Nothing, you've already told her twice"Katie leaps up and lamps him in the good eye:
"Well now you've got two black eyes yourself Tuck" *pours drink over him as he falls to the floor*.


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