Friday, 15 May 2009


Anyway folks, here is the much anticipated next part of this major adventure:


Tremath points the gun at the Doctor's head but resists shooting it. He grins:
"No, I won't kill him. I have a better idea."He calls over two of the Tudor guardsmen and they escort the Doctor to the cell where Katie and Martha are being kept. The guards fling the Doctor in and the children stride in after. Tremath points his gun at Martha:
"Now, you will give us the key to your TARDIS and a list of similar planets to this to have fun with or I kill this female human." His sister giggles.Katie scowls:
"Look you rancid little tyke, I've a good mind to give you a clip round the ear."
"You call my brother names again and we'll kill you" Astellata moans.
"Shut it you cross-eyed little trog" Katie spits out.Astellata grabs the gun from Tremath:
"Right, I'm shooting that one now". However as she grabs it, Martha dives for it, while Katie gets hold of Tremath and pulls his arm behind his back.
"Stop them" Tremath shouts to the Tudor guards, however they stand completely motionless and let the children be overpowered. A familiar figure then appears in the doorway: Henry VIII together with the Duke of Norfolk.
"Thank you fine ladies. You've saved us the task of turning the tables on these urchins. We have mastered how to use the machine which will wipe out enough people to allow us to subjugate the rest and no longer need help. You will be held here until your beheadings."
"Look, why don't you just return to your own time? The Doctor will take you back" Martha exclaims. Henry grins and gives her buttocks a quick feel. Martha slaps him:
"Such spirit in a wench is most amusing. However I don't want to go back to the 16th century when I can be master of this one. Now I must return to a filly of a different kind." Henry licks his lips and thinks of Ben.

Meanwhile, Ben & Nathaniel have escaped from the coal house via a shute used to shovel the coal in from outside. Emerging into the light, they find themselves outside the main wall and see Kyle and the others arriving in the car. Ben strides towards them:
"There is no time to lose. We must plan our assault on the palace. Two alien children have brought Henry VIII back from the past and he plans to return himself to the throne".
"Far out man!" Jake comments, chewing on a piece of flapjack.Ben pulls Nathaniel close and strokes his hair:
"This is Nathaniel." Anselm scowls angrily:
"So you've wasted time chasing guys instead of solving this Ben. One is disgusted."
"Don't speak to me like that. You cheated on me when we were in a relationship. You're a serial liar."
"That is completely unfair Ben. I told you everything, that it was a one off and a mistake. I promised I'd never see Simon again as I loved you. But you were so horrible to me. You drove me to Simon. I still want you". Ben scowls:
"Nathaniel is better in bed" Ben replies.

Back in the palace, King Henry is enjoying a banquet and has invited the Doctor & the girls to join him, hancuffed and guarded. Henry stuffs his face with chicken legs, pork crackling, beef, lard and a hunk of venison while a lute-player plays 'Greensleeves'. Lifting a goblet of wine, he grins:
"Now for the entertainment. I have found a new jester!"A door opens and in walks..............

............. Barry Tuck(played by Johnny Vegas) dressed as a court jester:
"Right you bunch of ****s, here we are again *noticing Katie* Hey its you again love. Hows about sitting on my face and wriggling?"Henry roars with laughter. Katie scowls at Tuck:
"Don't be like that love. Its like they say, one up the bum, no harm done."The Doctor protests loudly at Tuck's sexist humour however Henry roars with laughter so much that his face turns beetroot red:
"Tis good Master Tuck, tis good. However now for the hilight of the banquet. Bring me the royal remote."Tuck brings Henry a remote control device. He grins:
"All I have to do is press this red button and the planet waves will envelope the planet and wipe out a third of the population"...........

............ to be continued.


Gayson Zulu said...

I roared with laughter too at the hilarious antics of Barry Tuck. How about a story in the future in which Barry Tuck meets Friar Tuck? Both played by Johnny Vegas in some split screen trickery of course.
Also, Barry and Shakey Jake has some great double act potential to lighten the mood of the stories.

sparacus said...

Barry meeting Friar Tuck is a great idea.

I'll think about the double act with Jake suggestion and may work it into the end of Planet Waves.