Sunday, 3 May 2009


OK, here is the next part of this innovative historical/sci-fi hybrid story:


In Ben's cell, King Henry grins with delight as Ben puts on the clothes :
"God's teeth, you tempt me young Ben, you tempt me...."Henry runs his hand up Ben's leg, caressing his smoothe inner thigh. Suddenly the door bursts open and Nathaniel rushes in.
"How dare you interrupt me churl! There'd better be a good reason or your head will be off within the hour" Henry shouts.
"Sire, sire, we are under attack Our allies need to see you immediately in their ante-chamber" Nathaniel answers.
"Gods death! This will have to wait. *winks at Ben* I'll be back as soon as I can."Henry lumbers out and Nathaniel rushes over:
"Quick, we have to try and hide. I lied to the King, however I could not bear the thought of his debauched hands on you."Ben changes quickly into his real clothes:
"I will be enternally grateful that you saved me from a good rogering by Henry VIII."
He pulls a packet of Fox's Glacier Mints from his pocket and has one to calm his nerves. He offers one to Nathaniel:
"What is this strange tablet?"
"Fox's Glacier Mints are the finest sweets of our time Nathaniel".
Nathaniel puts the mint in his mouth and a strange calmness overwhelms him. The walls seem to be awash with a kaleidoscope of swirling colours
Truely this is a strange taste. However we must hide Ben."
They rush out and through the winding underground passages:
"Actually, there is real help on the way Nathaniel. I've texted my organisation Operation Delta" Ben states, as they hide in the coal room.

Meanwhile, Kyle is driving to Hampton Court in Ben's car, accompanied by Shakey Jake and Anselm.
"I still don't understand why we cannot simply contact the proper authorities. We require UNIT support on this. This is most undiscerning" Anselm states.
"Ben insisted we didn't do that like. 'e sounded real strange on the phone, 'e was sayin' 'enry VIII had 'im an the Doctor in cells an that if UNIT tried to storm the place they could be killed. Weird innit" Kyle replies.
"Hey man, this should be a real groovy trip. Like far out!" Jake states, lighting up in the car.
"Do you really have to smoke in here? I dislike it" Anselm complains.
"Hey chill man chill."
"One does not need to put up with this. However one wants to make it clear to Ben that I will not be pushed out of this organisation just because he cannot accept that I am with Simon now."
"Hey man, no one is pushing you out man. Have a drag of this *offers roll up to Anselm*"
"I don't want the filthy thing you scruffy hippie" Anselm shouts. Kyle intervenes:
"Ere look, will you two stop bickerin'. Ben may be in real danger and us fightin' won't help."

Back in the ante-chamber under Hampton Court, the Doctor is trying to reason with the children when Henry VIII rushes in:
"God's teeth, pray tell me about this attack we face. I'll get my army armoured up and we'll engage the traitors!"Tremath looks puzzled:
"We are not under attack. You have been misinformed human King".Henry is furious:
"Whaaaat? Twas that lying churl! I'll have his head for this!"The children laugh,
"Ha ha, you truely are an amusing human huffing and ranting. We find you endlessly entertaining" Tremath says.Henry is about to respond but he bites his tongue and storms out. As he leaves he spots one of his leading courtiers the Duke of Norfolk:
"I promise you Norfolk, as soon as we have control of the realm and no longer need the help of those mocking urchins, they are going to die the same way as my two unfortunate uncles did in the Tower of London."
Meanwhile the Doctor is trying again to plead with the children:
"Look I can help you . Your minds are traumatised, however I can use the TARDIS and its restorative energy."Tremath grins:
"We need no help from you grown up. Grown ups destroyed our world in their war. We want fun. We are superior and will use this stupid planet for games. Then others. You will help us find them."The Doctor frowns:
"I will not help you in any way. That is a cast iron promise."Astellata scowls:
"Kill him Tremath".Tremath pulls out a gun and points it at the Doctor.............

............ to be continued.


Anonymous said...

this is a boring episode. nothing hapens in it

sparacus said...

"this is a boring episode. nothing hapens in it"

A view unique to yourself I suspect.