Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Complete List of My Stories So Far

Here is a complete list of my Doctor Who episodes and Ben Chatham spin off stories.

Season 2 Pitch

00 The Christmas Invasion

01 War & Peace

02 Fool's Errand

03 The Love Generation

04 Starman

05 A Time For Love

06 Loyalty Binds Me

07 World on the Edge

08 Hospital of the Damned

09 Fire & Judgement

10 Not Alone

11 Child of Destruction

12 Web of Lies

13 Goodbye Is Never Easy

The Shadows of Christmas

Operation: Delta

New Age

Power of Illusion



Dark Shadows



Shadows of the Past

Hidden Dangers

Conspiracy of Terror

Power and Lies

Love & Danger


Earth Span

Shadows and Impressions

Sign of the Cross

Deadly Experiment

Into the Laboratory

Conspiracy of Terror (again)

Rage and Deliverance

Death In The Cloisters




Dark Yuletide


Alien Seed

Harvest of Evil

Series 4 Pitch

Fields of Death


Road Rage

From the Depths

Reptilian Dawn


Acorn Man

The Imperfect

The Rats of Tenbury




All Things Must Pass

Ben Chatham Annual 2008

The Living Picture

The Sun Goblet of Sacrosan

The Zranti Beast

The Zombie Kids of Death

The Cult of Quexecostal

The Lindig Valley Mystery

The Lords of Ancrazar

Nemesis (again)

The Curse of the Vampire Skull

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Winter of the Lost

Wolf (New Years Eve Special 2007-8)

Lord of the Reedy River

The Ghosts of Weatherfield

Peace in Our Time


The Case of the 12 Gold Crosses (unfinished)

New Dawn

Face of Death

Deadly Yuletide

New Morning

Planet Waves

The Creeping Sand

Caves of Oblivion



Curse of the Zenon Amulet & the Devil Birds of Zenos

Ch√Ęteau of Death

Shakey Jake in The Prince of Alaxan

New Dawn

The Operation Delta Interviews

Day of the Beasts

Halloween Special 2010 “The Devil's Tower”

Peril in San Remo

The Cascading Fountains of Zeneth

Alternate Series 6: 1) Pyracanthia

Alternate Series 6: 2) Silent Screams

Alternate Series 6: 3) Deadly Sabbath

Halloween Special 2011 “Deadly Nightshade”

The Legend of Casington (failed Big Finish Pitch)

The Blooding

The Wedding of Ben Chatham

Dragon's Ear & Druid's Spear

War & Peace

The Fanzine Stories

The Ghosts of Peversham Station

Acorn Man 2012

The 'Orchids' Trilogy

Aliens in the Orchid House

Return to the Orchid House (unfinished)

Orchids in June (Play for the theatre)

Doomwatch 2010

1) Price Worth Paying

2) Nest of Doom (unfinished)

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