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"WAR & PEACE" Part 5

OK folks, here is part 5 of this classic adventure:

“War & Peace” Part 5

Later, back in the bar, Ben was discussing the recent developments with his team, Chiara, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Nigel Warrington-Pace. He sipped a glass of 1986 Chateau-De-Compais red.

“You know, one thing I will say about this conference is that the quality of the wine is superlative. The 1986 Chateau-De-Compais is probably the finest red produced in France in that decade. It has soothed the ache of my bruises as well.”

“So are you ok now Ben?” Kate asked.

“As ok as one can expect I suppose, after a violent and traumatic altercation. Anyway, back to business. The two Germans have clammed up, but clearly we need to find out who they are working for and who else is in danger here. Any blue skies lateral thinking on this.... anyone?”

Chiara looked up:

“Well so far they have attempted to antagonise relations between the US and the Russians. However that is unlikely to result in any direct conflict. I'd have thought that if someone really wanted to stir things up then they'd go for trying to cause some more probable conflicts. You know, where there is already tension.”

“You mean like that between India and Pakistan? Or North and South Korea?” Kate Lethbridge Stewart replied.

“Yeah, exactly”.

Katie Ryan frowned:

“Oh yes, and that wild speculation is founded on exactly what evidence?”

“I'm not claiming it is Katie, we are in a position where all we can do is speculate?” Chiara answered.

“Pffft thats just a cop out. You clearly know nothing and are just trying to impress Ben” Katie replied. Kyle chipped in:

“Well I reckon like that Chiara's right. If they wanna cause a major conflict they I'll bet they'll go for the middle east. Build on the suspicions they've created about the Iranians. Do in someone from Israel then … pow... the shit really 'its the fan”. Warrington-Pace & Kate Lethbridge Stewart looked at each other:

“You're right. Come on, lets check on the Israeli delegation right now” Warrington-Pace said.

“Good thinking Kyle, come on!” Ben added.

They all rushed upstairs to the suite of rooms where the Israeli delegation were staying and were confronted by two armed men in the corridor:

“Achtung halt!” they shouted, before a bullet whizzed past Ben's head. Warrington-Pace pulled out an automatic pistol and fired back at them while security men appeared. One of the Germans was shot in the leg and both were captured. The wounded man, delirious with pain, started to babble:

“I'm sorry , I have failed you... I vill never forgive myself for mein inadequacy”

“Who the hell is he talking to?” Katie asked.

“A camera.... someone is watching this on the security cameras.... where is the control centre based?” Ben asked.

“In the basement” Warrington-Pace answered.

Ben led the way downstairs to the basement and towards the control room. As he approached, he noticed that the door was ajar:

“This is suspicious. I think it maybe a trap.”

However it was too late. The security men who had followed from upstairs pulled guns on Ben and the others. Warrington-Pace was disarmed. Then, from out of the shadows, emerged three armed Draconians.

“Do not attempt to resist. It seems that our plans need to progress onto plan B”. Ben recognised them from stories told by the Doctor:

“Why does the Draconian Empire want to stir up trouble on earth? You have shown no interest in aggressive expansion in this area of the galaxy before?” A Draconian frowned:

“Ah, I see we have an informed human here. Actually the Empire has gone into economic decline and we desperately need to seek out new and cheap sources of forced labour. Our associate assures us that this planet has a surplus of low quality people ideal for slave work.”

“Who the hell is your associate?” Ben asked, asked, angrily.

“Oh haven't you guessed yet, Benjamin Chatham?” a voice said from within the darkened control room. Ben walked into the room and saw a man sitting in the corner of the room, bathed in shadows. Suddenly the light switch went on and Ben found himself staring into the face of.......

…................. to be continued.

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