Saturday, 19 January 2013


WAR & PEACE: Part 6

Ben found himself staring into the face of.....

….....Adolf Hitler!

“You!” Ben exclaimed.

“Quite so Benjamin. Since I escaped after our last encounter, I have fondly anticipated meeting you again.” Ben winced:

“Well the feeling certainly isn't mutual. Why the hell are you working for the Draconian Empire? During my travels with the Doctor I learned a great deal about them. They hardly fit your definition of Aryans.” Hitler stared at Ben:

“Oh come now Benjamin. Sometimes alliances are necessary with non-unions, such as my alliance with the Japanese. The Draconians will let me rule the earth and in return I will supply their Empire with a plentiful supply of cheap labour, namely the untermenschen: slavs, Jews, gypsies and persons of mixed race. Then the Deutsch will have living space to multiply.”

“Its just the same old twaddle from you Hitler. Have you never thought about changing the record?” Ben asked, defiantly. Hitler stared at him:

“You are a fool Ben Chatham. I could offer you a place in highest ranks of the National Socialist movement if you would only agree. I can tell from looking at you that you have aryan blood coursing through your veins, although you do look rather pasty faced.” Ben is angry:

“I would never work for the Nazis. And I am not pasty-faced, I'm just tired. I've been through hell over the last few months, forced to go through a marriage just to please my parents. And now I've got a splitting headache coming on.” Hitler banged his fist on the arm of the chair:

“You English have gone soft! Weak public school educated, decadent pipsqueaks. Soon I will be Fuhrer of the earth, *raising voice* , I will crush the zionist filth, kill the vermin races, crush the blacks and the slavs, *shouting*, kill the weak, weed out the maggots and the scum of humanity!”

Ben stares back, defiantly flicking his hair back:

“You really are a nasty piece of work Hitler. You know I have a headache and your shouting has just made it worse.”

Hitler gestured to his guards:

“Take these English away and lock them up, then take the Israelis and the Americans out into the woods behind the house and shoot them. We will then use Draconian technology to broadcast false messages claiming to be Iranian-backed terrorists. The whole middle-east will go up and then it will be World War Three. And when the dust settles the Draconian invasion will be so much easier!”

Later, Ben and the others are locked in the wine cellar. Warrington-Pace pours them each a glass of Chateau-De-Compais:

“We may as well make the best of this situation” he comments. Ben is sat in a corner with his chin resting on his knees. His blonde hair has fallen over his eyes and he is lost in the depths of his inner gloom. Chiara goes over to him:

“Hey Ben, don't worry, we'll find a way out of this somehow.”

“Its all gone wrong Chiara. Everything. This situation is just the final straw. I didn't want to get married, but my father was threatening to disown me if I didn't. I know I've not been fair to Emma in some ways, yet I have given her status and a nice home. But she wants more. And now the icing on the cake is this wretched mess. Nazis and Draconians about to enslave the earth and its all down to me to stop it. I don't think I can cope.” Chiara rests her hand on Ben's shoulder:

“Look Ben, everyone has self-doubt. But look at what you've achieved so far. It must take real skill and determination to run an organisation like yours.”

Meanwhile, Kyle is using a piece of wire from part of the wine rack to pick at the lock:

“When I was like doin' break-ins I could do this in a jiffy. I'm losin' it......'ang on its unlocked. Waheay!” Ben looked up:

“Thanks Chiara and Kyle. Come on, lets stop Hitler before he shoots the delegates.”

…........... to be continued.

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