Monday, 21 January 2013

WAR & PEACE Part 7

WAR & PEACE : Part 7

They rushed out of the cellar and up the stairs. As they reached the top, two German guards appeared.

“Achtung halt!” one of them shouted. Kyle kicked out, knocking the gun out of the guard's hand before punching him in the teeth. Warrington-Pace grabbed the other one and flung him down the stairs. They ran out into the house and out into the grounds. Ben saw the German guards in the distance, marching a group of people towards the woods. Fortunately, Ben had picked up the gun that Kyle had kicked out of the German's hand and he held it up and fired into the air. The groupin the distance turned around.

“Oh great. So now they are going to come and shoot us instead. Nice work Ben, I don't think!” Katie Ryan angrily shouted. Ben looked calm:

“There is no need to panic Katie. We will lure them into the house and then run out of the back.”

They rush back into the house, Kyle and Ben overpowering another guard who was emerging from the bathroom. Ben rifled through his jacket and found his mobile. He tossed it to Kate-Lethbridge Stewarty who phoned for UNIT back-up troops. However as they ran through the house, three armed Draconians and Hitler appeared.

“Stop where you are!” a Draconian tersely commanded. The Germans from outside appeared.

“What are you doing in here? Where are the Jews and Americans?” Hitler demanded.

“Vee had to leave them in the woods Mein Fuhrer.”

“You idiots! I'll have you shot for this. Go and round them up again now!”

However before Hitler has finished, the sound of military trucks arriving could be heard. One of the Germans looked out of the window:

“Its UNIT troops Mein Fuhrer. Lots of them.”

“Gott in himmel. I am surrounded by idiots. Still, they will not storm this house while we have these hostages. We will adopt a siege defence position” Hitler shouted.

“It must remind you of the bunker all of this” Katie Ryan sardonically stated. Hitler glared at her:

“I detest women who don't know their place”. Katie put her hands on her elegant hips:

“Bothered Hitler. Bothered!”

They were marched into the drawing room where they sat on armchairs while German guards paced up and down. The Draconians and Hitler went into the study to converse while Warrington-Pace poured everyone a glass of brandy.

“I don't see that Hitler has any option but to surrender” he stated. Ben looked up:

“From my knowledge of World War Two I do not think that surrender is part of Hitler's vocabulary. He will go down fighting and take us with him if necessary. Our only hope is to reason with the Draconians. From what the Doctor told me they are a highly rational species and if they realise that the earth is more trouble than its worth they will leave.”

“I agree with Ben” Kate Lethbridge-Stewart added. Suddenly Hitler burst back into the room with a group of SS guards.

“We have decided to show UNIT that we mean business. One of you hostages is to be shot. And just to make it interesting, you get to vote as to which of your number it is.......”

….......... to be continued.

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