Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Hell's Kitchen with Marco Pierre White

This has been compulsive viewing. The man is completely bonkers . While Gordon Ramsay bullies food out of his staff by swearing at them Marco seems to prefer to use sinister looks, repetitive shouting and has a general demeanour of being about to lamp someone. Why on earth would anyone want to work in such a kitchen?

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Youth of Australia said...

You know, Spara, I'm not entirely sure you've got the whole story.

When Gordon Ramsey was on Enough Rope, he was incredibly civilized and, while not necessarily sorry for his behavior, at least admitted he was a total bastard at times. The point is, while he is abrasive in the kitchen, he saves his ire for those (in his opinion) that don't pull their wait. Indeed, he first shot to notoriety when he was seen abusing an irresponsible waiter who had given a woman food that had gone off.

The point I'm trying to get is that the TV show on several occasions deliberately wound Ramsay up (since him being calm and friendly would be boring). Perhaps Marco is being manipulated by the media, deliberately being portrayed as an utter nutter.

To put up with a psycho chef, you'd either have to be
- desperate for the cash
- desperate to get into TV
- passionate about the cooking
- believe that the chef was a half decent human being at some point

After all, if the BBC can conspire against Moffat, a small time chef is no problem.

(Unless HK is on another channel - either way, the argument stands).