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ok folks, here is the much anticipated next part of this better than the current tv specials adventure:


The Doctor is dragged towards the blood-soaked block as the executioner grins sadistically. However as the Doctor is about to be forced down, Ben strides forward and bows before the King:
"Sire, I must plead that you don't go through with this. The Doctor could be useful to you alive, we all could. He is a Time Lord, an alien not of this world. He has great knowledge that could be of value."Henry thinks for a second then gestures to the executioner to halt the proceedings:
"Tis true that my allies have spoken of one called the Doctor. A great alchemist no doubt. He may indeed be useful in my quest to regain control of our realm."

Henry orders the Doctor, Martha & Katie to be confined in a cell within the underground complex, while he holds back Ben for a consultation. Ben kneels before the King.
"Pray converse with me a while, young knave. What is your name?"
"It is Ben Chatham sire".
"Ah Ben. Tis a fine name. You're looks are most beguiling . Tis true that thy skin is as appealing as that of a pretty wench."Henry leans forward and strokes Ben's face.
"When I am King again in this time, I would that you serve me as my manservant."Ben decides to try and coax some information out of Henry:
"Please sire, I am curious. How do you come to be here in this time?"
"My allies rescued me at the point of death in 1547. They used their medical knowledge to restore me to health and to bring me to this time. They also ensured that this underground complex was constructed and made ready for my return. They told me that my dynasty would die out by 1603 as my children would themselves be childless. However by bringing me to this time they offered unto me the chance to reclaim my realm and continue my dynasty."Ben is curious:
"Who are these allies and what is in this for them?"Henry frowns:
"So many questions young Ben. Please, no more for now. *Stroking Ben's hair* I would that you wear a dress for me and some fine silk underwear *drooling at the mouth*".

Later Ben is led to a cell of his own by a young servant of Henry's.
"Here is your room Sir. The king asked that you be kept away from your friends" the servant says. He is a young man of around twenty with dark hair and slim features. Ben notices his melancholy eyes:
"You don't look too happy to be here I must say. Presumably you were given no choice. What's your name?"I am Nathaniel Welbourne and no I had no choice. My father was executed for being a papist and I thought it may harm my family more if I opposed the King's wishes to bring me here. Besides, I had nothing to stay for."Ben feels deeply attracted to the young man and puts his hand around his waist:
"I find that hard to believe, a goodlooking boy like yourself."Nathaniel pulls away:
"Sir, in my time love between men is punishable by execution."Ben smiles:
"Not in this time. You have much to discover here Nathaniel." Nathaniel looks worried:
"But I'm afraid for you sir. You have caught the King's eye. I fear he may want you for himself in this new time of yours. If he catches you holding me as you have just tried to do it may be the block for us both."Ben smiles:
"Then we'll just have to make sure he doesn't catch us" *he pulls Nathaniel towards him and they kiss*.

Meanwhile the Doctor, Martha & Katie contemplating recent events:
"What the hell does this all mean Doctor?" Martha asks.
"I like fear that some alien force are using Henry as a way of controlling this country after launching an invasion. Why Henry though? And how did they get control of time travel technology? None of this like makes sense."The Doctor is worried and his floppy hair falls into his face.Suddenly the door is flung open and Henry stands in the doorway glaring:
"The one who is called the Doctor will come with me!"
"Why not us as well you fat old perv?" Katie shouts.
"Tame that shrew! You Doctor will come hither. My allies wish to converse with you......"

................ to be continued.

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