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OK folks, here is the next part of this classic Doctor Who adventure:


The Doctor is led by Henry and his guards though the winding passageways towards an ante-chamber:
"My allies await you in this room. I must now attend to other matters", Henry states before lumbering off, using his walking staff due to obesity and an ulcerated leg. The Doctor is ushered into the ante-chamber which is aglow with strange lights and equipment. The Doctor pokes about a bit at the equipment and then looks up worried:
"This is like Time Lord equipment. Show yourselves like".Suddenly there is the sound of giggling and two children emerge from behind a metallic control panel, one a boy of about ten and a girl of around eight.
"We areTime Lords. I am Tremath and this is my sister Astellata. You will serve us as you are a grown up."The Doctor is shocked:
"How the hell did you escape the Time War? This is impossible."
"It is not. Our parents were on the High Council. When they realised what was likely to happen they broke all of the rules to save us. We were placed in an orb and hidden in the void. The void ship was programmed to re-emerge into this universe."The Doctor is puzzled:
"But like why all this business with Henry VIII and earth. This like so makes no sense."
"We were lost in the void for so long. It was dark and cold. We want some fun. We are Time Lords and every other race are our playthings. We will alter time and kill things."
"Killing things is fun" the girl adds.The Doctor grimaces:
"The void has like driven you insane. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Your parents were wrong to do what they did. Let me like help you."The crazed children giggle:
"He wants to help us. You will serve us. Our parents were on the High Council. You are our slave".

Meanwhile, Ben and Nathaniel are lying in each other's arms in Ben's cell bed.
"I want to lie with you forever. That was so good" Nathaniel says, kissing Ben's smooth cheek.
"You certainly have the magic touch. You can tell you haven't had any for sometime" Ben replies.Nathaniel is curious:
"So tell me more about this time. Do you have a lover? Does it matter if you are caught?"Ben stares at Nathaniel's dark eyes,
"Life is much more free than in your time. I am single at the moment. My last boyfriend never appreciated me, but that has happened before. Everytime I want commitment from a guy they let me down."Nathaniel holds Ben close:
"I won't let you down".Suddenly they hear footsteps and Nathaniel hurriedly gets up and pulls on his loose clothes. The door flies open and Henry VIII bursts in. He looks at Nathaniel:
"What are you doing in here, knave?"Nathaniel stammers:"Jjjjust... just questioning the prisoner sire.""Well go and do something else. NOW!"Nathaniel leaves and Henry walks over to Ben, smiling. He rubs his hand down Ben's smooth cheek and pulls the bedclothes down a little.
"There is something about you young Ben. Most pleasing and comely. I've brought you a present."Henry empties a bag onto the bed, containing a dress and some fine silk undergarments.
"Please put these on for me. You wish to please your King surely."He ruffles Ben's hair, drooling at the mouth.

In the ante-chamber, the Doctor is trying to reason with the Time Lord kids:
"Look, you are not yourselves. The void has harmed you, but I can help."Tremath scowls:
"You will serve us. After we finish with earth you will find us other planets to play with. You will give us your TARDIS."The Doctor frowns
I will not. Now like please listen to reason. I don't want to have to harm you. I cannot let you play with the earth like a toy."
"You have no choice."Tremath gestures and the guards grab the Doctor and hold him down while Tremath kicks him in the teeth. His sister giggles:
"We will put Henry VIII back on the throne. We plan to use this equiment to send waves of Theta energy over the planet, which will kill over 2/3 of the humans. In the confusion we will unleash Henry's army which is waiting to be transported over. It'll be so much fun to watch".......... be continued.

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Youth of Australia said...

Oh dear. You're ripping off The Holy Terror by Rob Shearman. And much as I applaud your decision to suck the marrow from OTHER areas of Doctor Who instead of The Green Death, the fact remains you're not actually doing justice to the incredibly lauded work of a seriously nice guy. He quite simply deserves better that the likes of YOU parastically trying to survive off his talent.

I've got half a mind to complain to him personally.