Sunday, 26 April 2009


The machine’s lights flash and a strange translucent glow appears. Slowly a series of figures take shape ; a tall obese man dressed in jewel encrusted velvet and two young men brandishing swords. The Doctor looks on horrified:
“But this is like impossible….”
“He looks like Henry VIII” Martha exclaims.
“It is Henry VIII and I think we should like run!” the Doctor shouts.
They all run out of the cellar room and Mount leads the way up the winding Tudor stairs. However as he does so the old man puts a foot wrong and topples backwards, bringing everyone else down with him. They fall down into a mangled heap at the bottom of the stairs.
“You stupid old fool” Katie shouts in anger.
As they look up, they see the two young guardsmen standing over them, their swords raised.
“What this amounts to is that Mount’s wrong foot has added to our mounting problems. We like have a mountain to climb now”, the Doctor wittily quips.
Shortly later they are all sitting in an underground throne room , accessed via a secret doorway in the cellar. Henry sits on his throne enjoying a massive plate of turkey drumsticks served with flagon of red wine & some quail’s eggs. He is attended to by large group of servants.
“Henry clearly sent the servants first to prepare things before his arrival. What we experienced in the TARDIS was presumably the effects of a later group of them arriving” Ben observes.
“Good thinking Ben” ,the Doctor replies, “this is all wrong though. I’m like so concerned as to how like the Henry dude came by this technology.”
Ben strides bravely towards the King:
“So how have you managed to travel through time. Who is assisting you in this?”
He feels a hand on his shoulder pushing him to the ground:
“Kneel before the King, knave! And do not speak lest he addresses you first or your head will be forfeit” shouts a burly servant. Henry looks up:
“Who is this worm? And these others?”
The servant grins:
“Shall I get the block ready sire?”
The Doctor strides forward grinning:
“Oh we’ve met before Hal. I can call you Hal like? I’m the Doctor. Nice new face and superior locks but still the Doctor!”
Henry scowls:
“So ‘Tis true! My allies warned me that you could change your face. *To servant* Make this churl kneel!”
The servant whacks the Doctor round the kneecaps with a large staff and he falls.
Martha and Katie are angered.
“Leave him alone! Why are you here and who the hell are you in league with?” Martha demands. Henry grins:
“Who is this fine spirited filly? We hope all wenches are this comely in this age. She should be lively between the sheets as we get between those strong thighs *Henry begins to salivate* pounding away ….”
Spittle dribbles down Henry’s beard:
“And this other wench is even shapelier.”
Katie is annoyed:
“I have no intention of ending up like your unfortunate wives.”
Meanwhile Mount has made a run for it, dashing through the doorway, however he is soon brought back by the guards. Henry looks up, his small piggy eyes hard & cruel:
“We see that an example needs to be made. This old man will do. ORF WITH HIS ‘EAD!”
The Doctor and the others look round in horror as a block is produced by two servants and an executioner enters wearing a mask and carrying a huge axe. Henry beckons him over:
“Here’s three gold sovereigns, now ensure that you take five chops to get his ‘ead orf”.
Katie is angry:
“You sadistic old bastard.”
Henry laughs:
“Such spirited fillies, ha ha .”
“Look, I cannot let you do this. This is like pointless” the Doctor exclaims.
“You’re behaving like a vulgar gangster rather than a member of the royal family” Ben adds.
Henry stares at Ben:
“Truly this knave is so pleasant of face he is as comely as a girl”.
Mount starts to shake and plead for mercy:
“Get his ‘ead orf” Henry shouts.
The guards force Mount onto the block and the executioner lifts the axe.
“NO!” shouts the Doctor, however the axe falls, slicing into Mount’s neck, severing sinew & bone. Four chops later & the head is fully off, blood cascading out.
“You should not have like done that ! You’ve made this personal now. I’m gonna stop you and your stinking allies” the Doctor shouts.
Henry laughs:
“ha ha, you Doctor are in no position to threaten. I think its time that you go to the block as well. ORF WITH HIS ‘EAD, HA HA HA HA…..”
The Doctor his manhandled towards the block, the executioner grinning……..

…………… be continued.

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