Sunday, 26 April 2009

Casting news

It has been decided to 'recast' the role of Kyle. He will now be played (in the virtual sense) by Luke Tittensor, formally in Emmerdale.
Also, in an upcoming story Kyle's half-brother will be introduced Shane Scott. Who do you think should play him? Take part in the poll.


Youth of Australia said...

Hang on.


I thought you were happy with Rory Jennings AKA Tommy Connelly AKA Davros Junior?

Doesn't he turn you on any more?

sparacus said...

I cast people on the basis of their ability and suitability for the characters concerned.

Youth of Australia said...

Nope. I still don't understand this "casting news".

All it means is the next time Kyle appears, he'll have "(Luke Tittensor)" after his name. Once. So what? It's not as if the fact he was 'played' by Rory Jennings mattered in the first place. I've never seen Emmerdale, so if anything makes it harder to visualize the character.

The fact you've recast him after ignoring his character gives the impression the actor quit after poor treatment by the production team, presumably because they ignored the fact he was more popular than the central character.