Monday, 31 December 2007

Winter of the Lost: Part 5

Here is part 5 of this Yuletide special folks!

Ben listens in silence while Yates explains how he plans to use alien technology to transport the Cult of the Sun members to a new planet in another solar system.
"Imagine a new world, a new beginning for mankind. You could be part of this."
Yates concludes.Ben stands up resolutely:
"I can see how this idea might appeal to some people, however I don't much care for the idea of living on some rural planet in a mud hut with no books, refined cultural pleasures and fine restaurants."
Anselm looks disappointed:
"But Ben, think of the adventure and the sense of discovery."
Ben takes his hand:
"I'm sorry Anselm. But I'd imagine the whole experience would be most distasteful. I have no desire to live like some kind of neolithic person. I like to keep myself clean."
Yates stands up:
"I'm very sorry that you feel this way Ben. We must keep you here until the project is complete, maybe you will change your mind."
As Ben is led away to a holding room, he gazes lovingly into Anselm's dark eyes,
"Think what you are doing Anselm. Don't go with them....."

Meanwhile, Kyle and Katie have been bunged in a room with some of Yates' men, when Yates himself walks in after talking with Ben.
"Ah, sorry to keep you waiting, I've had things to do and I've just been chatting to your associate Ben Chatham. He has agreed to join the Cult of the Sun and come with us to the new world."
Kyle is having none of it:
"Yeah, as if. Ben would never agree to give up 'is 'ome comforts and modern tastes."
Yates stares at him:
"Hmmm very perceptive. I can see you may be trouble."
Katie jabs Kyle in the side:"*whispering* Don't antagonise him , numbnut"
She then addresses Yates:
"Why are you keeping us here? Please just let us go and we'll say nothing."
Yates smiles:
"I assure you that we mean you no harm. We are a pacifist organisation. It is simply our dream to start again on a freash, green new world free of war, corruption and greed."
Kyle stares at him:
"Well Why did you murder that bloke then? With the sword? "
"Oh come now, that wasn't me. It was an accident. He stumbled on a ... shall we say ceremony that we were holding in the old chapel ruins. Its also an Iron age burial ground you know. There was a fight and the sword accidently went into him."
Kyle isn't convinced:"Thats a load of bull. and all this stuff about goin' to another planet don't ring true either.Whatever you're plannin' it ain't 'ow you say."
He jumps up suddenly and throws the table over, knocking Yates against the wall. Punching one of Yates' men, he grabs Katie's arm and they flee the room.

Ben is lying on the bed in his locked room, thinking of Anselm when he hears a commotion outside. The door is kicked open and he sees Kyle with Katie:
"Come on Ben, quick."
Kyle says.Ben jumps up:
"Well done Kyle. You're developing initiative skills. Ahm, we need to find Anselm".
Kyle disagrees:
"But he's one of this Cult thing and we ain't got time."
Ben is irritated:
"We are not leaving here without him."
They rush down the corridor and down a staircase looking for Anselm.

Meanwhile, Yates in in his office. He sits alone, almost in a trance. There is a low humming sound emenating from his phone, which seems to be excerting an hypnotic effect on him. Eventually he picks the phone up and presses it. A female voice comes from the phone:
"Yates. Is everything still going according to plan."
"Yes, Your Majesty. The snoopers have been confined. The will of Queen Thalisa of the Zenons will be obeyed."
"Good Yates Good. Soon this planet will be wiped clean of all technology and most of its population. Ripe for colonisation by my subjects."
Yates stares blankly:
"Yes... wiped clean....."As he gazes down at the videophone he sees the face of...... Kylie Minogue!

- to be continued.

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