Tuesday, 18 December 2007

"Winter of the Lost" Part 3

I see that parts 1&2 are here already.

OK, here is part 3 of this festive story:

Back at Duxforth House, Ben, Katie and Kyle are enjoying afternoon tea in the drawing room and admiring the magnificent tree. The police have arrived and are removing the body.
"I expect they'll want to interview us all" Ben warns. Lady Ashford frowns:
"Oh how inconvenient. I have a meeting at the church hall at four to discuss the arrangements for the New Year country crafts fete."
Ben sympathises with her then frowns.
"I wonder whose body it was."Anselm answers:
"Oh I recognised it instantly. It was Porter, the assistant gardener. Probably stabbed by one of his drunken mates in a fight, he was always getting into trouble in the Dog & Gun."
Lord Ashford is angry:
"Damn that man! We should have let him go long ago, he was always loafing around .No wonder the garden is out of control."
Kyle chips in:
"Ere, the bloke has just been done in ain't he? Hows about leaving off 'avin a go at him."
Ben glares at Kyle for his akward comment while the others carry on with the conversation.

After the police gave conducted the interviews, Anselm offers to take Ben to the river for an evening of fishing. Ben is keen to spend more time with the attractive young aristocrat and agrees. Left alone in the drawing room with Katie, Kyle suggests that they go back to the garden site to investigate.
"I'm sure the police have dealt with everything"Katie muses.
"Yeah but they didn't experience the time shift thing or believe us when we told 'em. Theres stuff goin' on here, lets find out what."
Katie reluctantly agrees and they go out to the garden area which is cordoned off with police tape. Katie is annoyed:
"See? All cordoned off. Why the hell did Ben leave me alone with you?"
Kyle spots something in the grass:
"Hey whats this? Its another sword, like the one used to kill that bloke. And theres a catapult thing 'ere too."
Suddenly the air around them starts to go swimmy and they see a vision of a group of bearded men dressed in rags & fur charging at them, swords drawn. Katie screams!

Meanwhile, at the river, Ben & Anselm are fishing.
"It must be great to have he opportunity to fish and shoot whenever you like on your own land" Ben muses.
"Its a shame that we don't all have the chance to live more naturally." Anselm replies.
"I love the country way of life" Ben states.
He stares at Anselm and feels an onslaught of desire for him. Ben imagines himself holding him in bed and exploring his slender limbs. Anselm stares back:
"Ben, ever since I saw you, I suspected that you were our kind of guy."
"You mean gay? Yes. Its funny how you sometimes know."
Anselm grins:"Well yes, I am gay but I didn't mean that. I mean our kind of guy. Look Ben, when I was at university, some of us formed a circle. An underground group if you like. Devoted to rejecting the culture of the modern urban world and returning to a simpler way of life. We call ourselves the Cult of the Sun. You can be part of this. Ben the new age is coming. On Christmas Day, everything changes. The Leader will deliver!"
Ben feels nervous. Suddenly everything swirls around gim and he sees visions of men with spears.
"Wha... whats happening?" he mutters.
"Don't fight it Ben. Its a taste of things to come" Anselm replies, embracing Ben in his arms.....

.... to be continued


Youth of Australia said...
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Youth of Australia said...

And this part is as rubbish as the last two. Predictable, dull, repetitive and boring.

Like it's creator.

Johnstone said...

Crap, exactly the sort of thing that you speak Spara.

sparacus said...


Please do not argue with the moderator. Comments deemed inappropriate can and will be removed.

Johnstone said...

Sparacus has gone power mad. Anyone who doesn't like his excuse for writing gets... DELETED!

Johnstone said...
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sparacus said...


I have not gone "power mad". Please don't argue with the blog moderation.
This blog welcomes lively discussion, however abuse will not be tolerated. There are standards.

Johnstone said...

I've not used any abuse at all Spara. I'd appriciate it if you didn't falsley accuse me of anything.

sparacus said...


I am not accusing you of abuse. I was making a general point.

Youth of Australia said...

Please do not argue with the moderator.

The phrase "I'll do what I damn well please" leaps to mind.

If you can't handle criticism, you shouldn't have a blog.

And you're NOT a moderator. Mods don't go round deleting posts.

Comments deemed inappropriate can and will be removed.
More censorship! Trying to remove all evidence that people disagree, eh?

I have not gone "power mad".
Looks like it to me, "administrator", since I honestly am shocked at the cowardice you're displaying.

Please don't argue with the blog moderation.
It's a dictatorship now is it?

This blog welcomes lively discussion, however abuse will not be tolerated. There are standards.
Which YOU do not meet, Sparacus!

You don't set standards by trying to erase every criticism, and certainly not by lying about comments Bernie made!

Have you run out of absinthe to wash the pain away?

Cameron Mason said...

Oh Goddess...

Haven't I read this story five times before now?

It's the usual badly constructed, poorly characterised, borderline offensive nonsense that you usually 'write'.

And where's Kylie?

She's the MAJOR guest star of the real story, and in your 'version' all she's done is appear for two minutes and fawn over your fantasy character.

Extremely poor effort as usual Sparacus.


Youth of Australia said...

It's his behaviour I'm worried about, not his clear lack of writing talent.

Andrew said...

Perhaps if Spara started to display some writing talent, there would be no need for all the post deleting...

...yeah, right, like that's ever gonna happen!

Youth of Australia said...

Christmas IS supposed to be a time for miracles...

Youth of Australia said...

This installment has been dealt with in... WINTER OF THE LUST

The tonic for bad fanfic.