Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I'm off for 3 days on a work trip

Taking the students on an Archaeology trip to Stonehenge/Avebury


Lord Moon said...

Hmm. I wonder where the next Chatham adventure may be set.

Youth of Australia said...

He did the very second Chatham adventure, War & Peace, at Stonehenge.

From the wikipage...

2.1 - War & Peace

The TARDIS is drawn off-course and arrives at Stonehenge where an archaeological excavation is underway. Two parties of school children arrive, one from Sloan Comprehensive in Dagenham and the other from the private school St Anselms. A strange boy named James uses a hand-held device to turn the school children violent and they start attacking each other. The only teacher to escape this affect is the St Anselms' Head of History Sarah Jane Smith. The fighting suddenly stops as the Doctor arrives and greets Sarah. Ben learns from the radio that fighting has broken out across the world, and the TARDIS crew decide to go to the local hotel rather than investigate. Strange lights are seen at Stonehenge and Ben decides to investigate with Rose in tow. The boy James is revealed as a half-human alien spore using the powers of Stonehenge to trigger wars on Earth that will destroy mankind and leave the planet for aliens to invade. The Doctor, Sarah, Rose and Ben "combine their mental powers" and reduce James to "a stream of cosmic energy" and banish him to his home planet.

Inspired by information that Elizabeth Sladen would be returning to the show as Sarah, War and Peace was heavily criticized for the idea that Sarah would become a history teacher despite her lack of interest in either history or children. Since Sparacus is a history teacher, it is clear this is a weak bit of transference on his part.

Lord Moon said...

To think I missed that exciting story the first time round. Although I can't help but think that it owes a little to the plots of certain episodes of the Tomorrow People. I can't remember which so I'll hedge my bets by saying all of them.

Anyway Sparacus' excellent blog has inspired me to make my own fiction blog which you can sadly find on exotictrousers.blogspot.com

Who knows, I might do a crossover.

Youth of Australia said...

Yes, that 'your treble negatives disturb me' gag still impresses me.

Lord Moon said...

Thanks for kind words. You may rue them as my first story centred around Frank Wood - Secret Agent, is a sequel to two films no one really wanted a sequel to: Plan 9 From Outer Space and Robot Monster. Although Sparacus has set the bar high I hope to reach those heady heights. I fear I have gone down the traditional route and written in prose.

Lord Moon said...

Has Sparacus been captured within the mystic forcefield surrounding Avebury? Has he been sacrificed by druids upon the central stone of Stone Henge? Is he recovering from an absinthe induced hangover? Where is Sparacus??

Youth of Australia said...

There are two possibilties

a) he's still partying like it's 1999 because his letter was published in DWM


b) he's drowning his sorrows in absinthe after he read the REPLY that DWM gave to his letter

Either way, I wouldn't expect to see him in the near future.

Scyther Slitheen said...

Nope, his back and full of it as always

Youth of Australia said...

*long, weary sigh*

*nods gratefully to SS for bringing the news, unpleasant as it may be*

*turns and walks off*