Monday, 31 December 2007

Winter of the Lost: Part 6

Here is part 6 of this gripping story folks:

Running down a corridor, Ben finds Anselm outside Yates' office in a state of shock. The door was ajar and Anselm had overheard Yates' conversation with Queen Thalisa. Tears fill his eyes. As Ben ushers him away he tries to explain:
"I don't understand.... they mean to wipe the planet of most of its population.... not to take a select few to the new world..."
Ben is concerned:
"I'm sorry Anselm. Yates is clearly using your Cult of the Sun to assist him by spinning this false aim. How exactly was the transportation to another world supposed to happen?"
"We were all to assemble on Danebury Hillfort on Christmas Day and the combined force of out psychic energy was to activate the transportation."
Anselm explains more of what he heard as they find an exit and run out of the building and across some fields. He is very emotional, so Ben gives him a Fox's Glacier Mint to calm down and hugs him. Reaching a road, Kyle thumbs down a car and they hitch a lift back to the house.

In the drawing room, Ben pours out some of Lord Ashmore's brandy and ponders the situation. "It seems that this Queen Thalisa alien is using Yates in order to clear the earth for her people. Probably span Yates a yarn about returning to some pre-industrial golden age knowing that Yates once worked for UNIT. From what the Doctor said about him though he seemed an ok kind of chap so she probably has him under mind control as well. "
Kyle makes a suggestion:
"Why don't we drive to this Danebury place and check it out. "
Ben tuts:
"Hardly any point now. Its Christmas Eve and we're tired. Lets get an early night, start off tomorrow and catch them at it."

On Christmas morning, they arrive at Danebury in Anselm's car and walk up the slope towards the hillfort. Hearing voices they hide in the ditch and slowly creep up and peer over. A large group of people surround a makeshift altar as Yates preaches to them, dressed in a robe:
"Oh Children of the Sun: the day of deliverence is hear. Today we journey to the new earth.Focus your minds."
Suddenly a gasp goes up from the group as a new figure approaches the altar: Kylie Minogue:
"I will help you to reach the stars. Focus your minds on me. Imagine a world free of people, the new world green. Think of it. Focus your psychic energy."
A low hum begins and a strange glow emenates from the ground:
"How come she looks like Kylie?" Katie asks:
"Fascinating." Ben states: "The technology is buried benieth the hillfort. Its probably been here for centuries awaiting activation. Presumably it needs psychic energy to activate and the Queen is a psychic energy catalyst.She is clearly a shapeshifter impersonating Kylie to inspire unquestioning devotion in her followers".
"Then lets stop 'er." Kyle shouts.Kyle leaps up and shouts 'stop' breaking the group's concentration. The energy glow stops. Thalisa runs towards him. She pulls out a gun, aims at Kyle's head and fires.......

...... to be continued.

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