Saturday, 14 March 2009

"NEW MORNING" Part 8: The gripping conclusion!

OK here is the final part of this classic adventure folks! Will the Doctor be shot or will he survive? Find out below!


Iblomov points his gun at the Doctor’s head and prepares to fire. However just in time Kyle kicks the gun out of his hand and Ben launches himself at Iblomov’s henchmen. One of them shoots however it whizzes past Ben’s head and hit’s the ground. Kyle stamps on Iblomov’s head then kicks a henchman in the teeth while Ben punches the other one.
Soon the Russians are all out cold.
“Good work as always Kyle” Ben says and they both laugh. The Doctor dusts himself down.
“Like wow that was fab. Anyways guys, lets like explore inside.”They enter the building and wander round some corridors before entering a large warehouse . Hiding behind some boxes they overhear two of Iblomov‘s scientists talking:
“Now that we have perfected these products they are to be shipped worldwide.” The other man is nervous:
“I still do not like this Nikolai. The GM blood for example is highly dangerous.” The other man laughs sardonically:
“You are a sentimental fool Boris. This blood has been modified to stay fresh without being refrigerated. it’s a license to print money. Of course it will kill anyone its transfused to, but not for several years. Not so amusing as our GM conifers that grow 20foot high in six months. It’ll take years for them to realise that they’re full of deadly nanogenes.”
“Wheres your conscience Nikolai Ivanovich?” Boris replies however Nikolai laughs.

The Doctor is disgusted and ushers Ben & Kyle back outside:
“That like settles it. Theres no way I’m allowing any of this stuff to like leave here.”
“Hows we gonna stop them?”Kyle asks. Ben has an idea:
“Why don’t we cause a commotion. Theres a fire alarm up there so we can smash it, get the Russians out then wait for backup.”
“Like brill!” the Doctor exclaims.Ben smashes the alarm and the Russians begin to evacuate the building. A sprinkler system automatically comes on, adding to the chaos. Outside the Russians stand around with the alarm ringing. Iblomov revives and begins to rant:
“What the hell? Get back inside and find the intruders…..”However the police and UNIT arrive and the Doctor & his team watch as the Russians are rounded up.

Later they are discussing the case in the Goat & Boot.
“That’s the kind of ending I like. Everyone is saved., well save like for the victims of that creature. I’ve like contacted an organisation called Doomwatch who will clear up the toxic stuff from under like the sea like.”
“What will happen to Iblomov?” Katie asks:
“He’s under arrest and about to be deported to the Ukraine where he’s wanted for several gangland murders. And his GM stock is being safely incinerated” Martha replies
“I’d just like to say that I couldn’t have like done this yeah without you Ben and your Operation Delta dudes. You’re steamin’”
They all laugh and the Doctor & Ben share a hug.…………

……. THE END.

The 11th Doctor will return to face a dangerous enemy from the past in................



Youth of Australia said...

Wow, only two months after you finished this mess on OG.

What part of "right to order" did you miss? You said you'd do a proper regen scene for ten, and instead offer some photocopy of work you've already done!

Don't you HAVE a work ethic?

sparacus said...

Things take time and I'm a busy man. However the next story will begin in a week or two.

Youth of Australia said...

I don't WANT the next story, I wanted the bit of writing YOU said you would do weeks ago. Instead we get leftovers and an ill-written complaint about a story you don't seem to have watched properly.

And "busy man"? What, can't you multitask all of a sudden? I thought you were a professional!