Saturday, 14 March 2009


Ok here is the much anticipated next part of this adventure folks:


The creature lunges towards the Doctor and Martha however it cannot see them and stumbles past towards some beach huts.
“That was close, if it wasn‘t for these invisibility cloaks that thing would have torn us apart” Martha observes.
“Yeah like that was like yeah” the Doctor adds.The creature climbs up onto the promenade, saliva dripping from its fish-like mouth, and it lumbers into some bushes and gardens. Martha’s phone rings and she answers it. The call is from Pierre who informs her of recent developments . He then puts Ben on who asks to speak to the Doctor. Martha hands him the phone:
“Oh hi dude. Hows you?” the Doctor asks, overcome with emotion. Ben arranges to meet up in the Goat & Boot in 20 minutes to discuss a plan of action.

Twenty minutes later, the Doctor, Martha, Ben, Katie, Kyle, Pierre & Francoise are sitting in the pub. They have purchased the following drinks: the Doctor: a vodka & orange, Martha: water, Ben: a cognac, Katie: a pint of Fosters, Kyle: a pint of John Smiths, Pierre & Francoise: two glasses of wine.
“It is quite clear from what Pierre and Francoise have said that this creature is somehow the product of the illegal waste dumping that has been going on. I simply fail to see how though.”The Doctor frowns:
“Its like so the result of GM technology. On other planets the consequences of like changing the genetic makeup of plants and chemicals have been equally dangerous *staring into the camera* which is why it is important like to stand up and protest against it.”
Katie is unimpressed:
“What piffle. GM technology isn’t dangerous, it increases crop yields. You sound like you’ve regenerated into a hippie and to be honest you look a bit odd as well now, funny elongated face and theres something not right about your eyes.”Ben is annoyed:
“Oh shut up Katie.” He stares at the Doctor who finds himself attracted to Ben’s silky skin and dark eyes.
“Thanks Dude! Anyways gang lets get spinnin’. I says we like go and find the creature before any other cats get like killed” the Doctor says, jumping up and downing his drink in one go.

They go to the TARDIS to get some stun guns that the Doctor was given during a curious adventure on the planet Gevarus 9. Then they split into two teams and set off to find the creature: Ben and his team in one group and the Doctor leading the other. Ben, Kyle and Katie check out the gardens behind the promenade:
“Ere, won’t the creature be gone from here by now?” Kyle asks.
“Maybe, however we need to be thorough in checking it , just in case” Ben replies.
“I noticed that you took a liking to the new Doctor Ben” Katie says caustically.
“He is very attractive yes. Am I not allowed to notice this?” Ben replies.Katie ignores him.

Meanwhile the Doctor’s group are searching the lanes nearby.
“The creature could be anywhere” Martha says.Suddenly there is a loud commotion from the garden behind a house and a woman screams. The Doctor and Martha run to the house and up the path. Kicking open a gate into the back garden they are horrified to see the creature attacking some chickens in a chicken run, biting their heads off and ripping open the carcasses. A woman stands nearby whimpering with terror. Suddenly the crazed creature turns and lunges towards the Doctor…………………

…………………… to be continued.

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