Monday, 30 March 2009


Ok here is the second part of this major new adventure:


Gas starts to fill the Great Hall at Hampton Court as the Doctor & Ben shout at everyone to get down as gas floats so it is safer at ground level. The Doctor then looks frantically around :
“Will everyone like just be quiet for a minute… SHUT UP” he yells.
As the noise dies down he senses the sound of the gas emanating from a grill at the side of a far wall, under a large tapestry. Quickly he scrambles on all fours to the grill, yanks down the tapestry and covers the hole. Meanwhile most of the tourists have managed to get out of the room and the Doctor & his companions scramble out.

A short while later the Doctor & Ben are examining an air vent outside the Palace building along with Sir Alistair Mount the head of the Hampton Court management team:
“It is clear that whoever is responsible for this hooked up some kind of device or pipe to this vent” Ben says, pointing out some deep marks on the wall and metal grill. The Doctor is listening to the Scissor Sisters on his Ipod & dancing around:
“.. ‘take your mama out all night..’….. oh er yes Ben I agree.”
Martha frowns:
“Switch that damn thing off and listen properly. This is serious Doctor”
“I say, what kind of chaps would want to do such a thing”, Mount interjects, “this is the third incident in a week. First there was the fire in the Queen Anne wing and then a beam fell off the roof of the chapel and hit two American tourists. One woman is still in hospital. There’s no alternative; I’m closing Hampton Court to the public until further notice.”
The Doctor frowns:
“I think that like answers the motive question. Someone wants this place closed like.”
“I suggest we hang around here after its closed and do so surreptitiously . Then we wait for whoever it is to make their move. It could be criminals after the priceless tapestries” Ben suggests.
“Excellent thinking Ben” the Doctor replies, “however I think that the motive at work here is like more threatening than just theft. Consider the interference in the flow of time we like experienced.”

The next day, the Doctor and the others, together with Mount, are hiding out in the kitchens waiting for something to happen. The rest of Hampton Court is closed and deserted apart from a couple of security guards at the gate. Katie Ryan is looking around rather anxiously:
“And how long exactly are we supposed to just wait here for?” she asks.
“As long as it takes” Ben tersely replies.
“Well I don’t like the atmosphere in here without the tourists and staff around. Its rather spooky.”
Ben frowns:
“Oh come on Katie. Do you think that the kitchens are haunted or something. Actually there is a gallery in the palace that is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Catherine Howard however that is no where near here.”
“Catherine Howard?”
Ben is astounded:
“Do you mean to tell me that you don’t know who she is? Henry VIII’s fifth wife? My God Katie you really are pig ignorant at times. She supposedly haunts the gallery where she was dragged away screaming from Henry after he decided to have her executed. You’ll be telling me next that you don’t know who Thomas Cromwell was.”
Katie is annoyed:
“Of course I’ve heard of fucking Cromwell. He led the Roundheads against Charles I”.
“That was Oliver Cromwell ! For pity’s sake, I think even a mollusc knows that Thomas Cromwell was Henry VIII’s right hand man for most of the 1530s. Welcome to the world of the dim.”
Katie is angry:
“Oh fuck off Ben.”

The Doctor intercedes:
“Can we like stop the squabbling. I like just heard something dudes.”
They all go quiet as a whirring noise is emanating from somewhere near.
“Well bless my soul, that is coming from the cellars” Mount exclaims.
The Doctor leaps up and grins:
“Well come on, lets Explore!”
He dances a little jig while singing Scissor Sisters lyrics before draping his arms around Mount:
“Show me the way Sir Alistair” he says grinning.
Mount leads the way down some stairs to the old Tudor cellars. It is dark, damp and empty. Something shuffles in the darkness and Mount shines his torch at…. A rat.
“I hope theres a damn purpose to this. This place is lousy with vermin” Martha exclaims. Suddenly the noise starts again and coloured lights start flashing. Moving into the next chamber of the cellars they are shocked to see a sophisticated wall of equipment and a raised platform structure. The Doctor frowns:
“It is as I like feared. This is a sub-interfacing time transporter. These should no longer exist. Someone or something is trying to break through from another time……………

……………….. To be continued.


Youth of Australia said...

Are you ever going to write that regeneration scene?

Just goes to show what a selfish, unprofessional hack you are. You have no job motivation, no interest in improvement and no real desire to do anything but sit on a blog and whine. Setting the standards? Elitist dribble - you don't even MEET your own.

I'm completely disappointed with you.

sparacus said...


Please try to be patient. The regeneration scene will be completed and posted shortly.

Youth of Australia said...

There is a thing called a deadline, Spara. You missed that by two months and the best you can offer is a "first draft" which fitted NONE of the requirements you were asked for.

That doesn't set standards, so I'm telling you like it is.