Wednesday, 18 March 2009

New Dylan Album: "Together Through Life"

Out in April.


Mlock said...


A new Bob Dylan album may cream your crackers.

But as a fan I must ask - and I had to create a blogger thing to get this - when the hell are you going to get round to 'Planet Wave'. Possibly a bit of a Chatham/Dylan crossover?

Have you got bored of Ben?

Surely not?

Do you want some help?

sparacus said...

I have not become bored with Ben Chatham at all. I'm a busy man however the new story will be coming soon.

Youth of Australia said...

I dunno, Spara, you seem pretty bored with Ben to me. He was barely in the last story, and you speak a lot more about Matt Smith than you do AR. I'm one of a silent majority convinced you've forsaken the Smoothe One. I'm also one of a vocal majority that are glad to see the back of him. Five years, dude. Start something NEW...

Mlock said...

That's excellent news sir!

I look forward to your next story perhaps as much as you look forward to Dylan's latest croaking album. Hopefully his Starbuck 'bitch' days are behind.