Saturday, 14 March 2009


Ok, here is the next part of this gripping tale folks! I have taken on board a couple of constructive suggestions and removed alcohol drinking and added a bit more humour:


The creature lunges towards the Doctor, its crab-like claws aiming for his throat. The Doctor leaps out of the way and picks up a dustbin lid which he uses as a shield and a piece of wood from the broken side of the chicken run which he waves around as if it’s a sword:
“Behold tis Saint George come to slay the dragon. Beware ye untamed beast!” the Doctor shouts jokingly, waving the ‘sword’ around. The creature runs at him but he jumps sideways as it crashes into some bins.
“Ha Ha; brave Saint George is too quick” the Doctor shouts, his floppy hair flying around as he dances a little jig. The creature flies at him again however this time Martha sneaks up behind it and clonks it over the head with a milk bottle which shatters. The creature falls.
“Hey I was like enjoying that” the Doctor shouts. Martha frowns:
“Oh grow up man *examining creature* its out cold.”
Pierre and the Doctor borrow some string from the householder’s shed to bind the creature while Martha phones Torchwood to come and pick it up.

Later they meet up with Ben’s group again in the pub to discuss their next move. They make a collective decision not to drink alcohol as their priority is the case in hand.
“Until Torchwood have fully analysed that thing we have no concrete evidence to link it to the Gastroix plant or Iblomov’s operations here” Ben observes.
“But we know they are linked. We saw the leaking metal drums on the seabed” Pierre complains.
“Yes but unfortunately we need clearer proof before we can act. A man like Iblomov will have top lawyers on his payroll and probably the local police” Ben replies. The Doctor looks up:
“Why don’t we like sneak into the Gastroix plant and like try and find some evidence. I’ve got this snazzy new phone that takes brill pics like.”
“That is a good idea Doctor” Ben replies, putting his hand on the Doctor’s shoulder .

The group decide that Pierre, Francoise , Martha & Katie will create a diversion at the front gates while the Doctor, Ben & Kyle sneak in round the back.Shortly, Martha leads her group up to the gates of the plant carrying placards reading “Ban GM Products” and “No to Frankenstein Chemicals”. She also carries a loudhailer and Pierre has bags of eggs & rotten fruit to throw at the security guards. At the gates Martha begins a speech while Pierre throws eggs at a guard and Katie & Francoise take wire cutters to the fence. The security guard calls his colleagues over and they all come running , allowing the Doctor free reign round the back. Kyle quickly cuts through the wire & they all sneak in. However as they enter the building through a side door, they are faced with Iblomov and two of his men, armed with handguns.
“Ha so you thought you could fool me yeah? I Ivan Sergeiovich am no fool. Get back outside!”They all back out. Iblomov grins:
“Back in Russia we have a saying: ‘the death of one man is a tragedy as you’ve plenty left to shoot’ *to the Doctor* on your knees”.The Doctor reluctantly kneels down. Iblomov points the gun at him and prepares to pull the trigger……………

…………… to be continued

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