Monday, 30 March 2009

A New 11th Doctor/Ben Chatham Adventure: "Planet Waves": Part 1

Here it is folks, the much anticipated new adventure:


The Doctor, Martha Jones , Ben Chatham & Katie Ryan are returning to earth in the TARDIS after a trip to Alzaneran 4. The Doctor had wanted to show Ben the legendary Museum of the Crystal Caves, the largest depositary of archaeological finds and techniques in the galaxy. As the TARDIS lands, Ben’s mind is still buzzing:
“That was simply fascinating Doctor. The lost civilisation of the Clanacs must have been amazing given the wealth of material there. And some of the technology used to date those things was phenomenal.”
The Doctor grins:
“I’m like pleased you were impressed like. Hows about we take another trip later to actually see the Clanac Empire.”
Martha interjects:
“I think a rest is in order from this archaeological business. Some of us have a limited interest in such matters.”
“Well you don’t have to come. You are clearly someone who has little sense of intellectual curiosity” Ben points out.
Martha scowls :
“That is a stupid thing to say. I simply have different interests to you. Why is it all men are overgrown fourteen year olds?”
Ben is irritated and does not reply.

The Doctor meanwhile is making a call on his mobile to a friend from Facebook:
“I was like ‘yeah’ and she was like ‘how come’ and I was like ‘yeah’ and she was like ‘no kidding’ and I was like ‘well mingin’ and she was like…….”
Suddenly the TARDIS shudders and everyone has a complete sense of confusion and displacement. Time seems to freeze and then accelerate then freeze again.
“Whaaaaaats happpennnnning?” Katie shouts
Quickly the time displacement stops and things return to normal, however the Doctor is frantic and leaps around, fiddling with the TARDIS controls.
“What is going on?” Ben asks. The Doctor frowns:
“That was a mega time displacement fissure. For a few moments the natural flow of time was completely thrown off balance. Someone or something is using primitive time travel equipment.”
Martha frowns:
“And is this dangerous?”
“Of course its like dangerous. Potentially it could indicate an atttempt to like change history in which case we get the mingin’ Reapers . Or a time rupture could occur .”
The Doctor slams his hand on his floppy-haired head:
“Ah interesting. The source of the energy lies somewhere near London. Hampton Court Palace in fact.”

Within minutes the TARDIS lands in the grounds of Hampton Court. Fortunately it is in the bushes so none of the tourists milling around notice it. Ben is intrigued:
“I love visiting this place. So much History and heritage is bound up here. Not many of the original tudor rooms remain however the Queen Anne & Georgian rooms are superb. Many people believe the original Palace was built by Henry VIII wheras it was actually a gift to him from Cardinal Wolsey.”
The Doctor is impressed:
“Excellent background info Ben. Lets try and find the source of that time displacement.”
They set off in search of the energy. The Doctor has a device in his hand which detects residual energy from time travel. They walk across the grounds, stopping to look at the Great Vine, the largest grape vine in the world. Entering the building, they purchase tickets and enter the main palace complex:
“£12 entrance fee? They must be damn well coining it in!” Katie complains.
They enter the tudor hall and the Doctor stops in his tracks.
“This is like weird. The readings say that the energy is like coming from below us.”
Suddenly everyone begins to gasp:
“Hey its GAS… choking….” Martha shouts.
They all fall to the floor fighting for breath……………..

…………………….. To be continued.

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