Sunday, 4 October 2009

"ORCHIDS IN JUNE" Act 2 Scene 3

OK folks, here is the next part of this cutting edge play:

ACT Two: Scene Three

Rushing out into the garden, Rosemary, Bob, Estelle and Alistair are shocked to see that Amy has tripped up and fallen headfirst into the pile of cow manure

Amy: *hysterical* Help .... this is like mingin.... ****in help me , **** mingin like

Rosemary: Oh my poor darling. Mr Ware please help my daughter. It won't matter if any of that manure gets on you as you already smell.

Bob:*helps Amy up* There you are luv.

Alistair: The smell is overpowering. I may faint.

Amy: *sob* I'm like so not going out tonight now.

Rosemary: Its high time this stuff was cleared away. Some of it has cascaded onto my marigolds.

Alistair: At least the orchids are safe mother.

Rosemary: Yes, I must have a look in the greenhouse to make sure that all the negative vibrations out here haven't caused them to droop. They feel you know.

Alistair: I feel the need for a cultural trip to Florence after all this vulgarity. I need to see a Botticelli.

Rosemary goes to the greenhouse and peers in. She lets out a shriek.

Rosemary: SSHRIIIIEEEEKKK! There's a b..b..body in there. My poor orchids.

Estelle: Oh darling how awful for them. Fetch the Doctor Bob!

Bob enters manfully and comes out with Doctor Smythe

Doctor Smythe: *peering into the greenhouse* That is indeed a body. I will inspect said deceased patient. Stand back madam.

He opens the door and enters the greenhouse. Rosemary peers in the door.

Alistair: Who was the cadavour whence once it breathed?

Rosemary: Its the farmer! He's been battered.

Bob: Are there any chips to go with 'im?

Rosemary: This is no time for levity Mr Ware. What will the neighbours think?

Dr Smythe: I suggest you call the police immediately. There is clearly a serial killer on the loose...........

........... to be continued

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