Sunday, 4 October 2009

"ORCHIDS IN JUNE" Act 2 Scene 4

Ok, here is scene 4 of the second dramatic act:

ACT 2: Scene 4

Everybody is gathered in the lounge. Inspector Rigby & PC Ware have arrived to ask questions

Inspector Rigby: Right. We have so far acertained that the corpse in the greenhouse belongs to a Mr Jethro Tull, a farmer over at Dorton-Bassett. *addressing Shaun* I understand sir that there was bad feeling between you and the deceased.

Shaun: Not really. The chap was ok.

Inspector Rigby: Come now sir, we wouldn't want to be evasive would we. Or it might have to be arranged for this interview to be conducted at the station where accidents have been known to happen, if you catch my drift sir.

Rosemary: Don't you threaten my husband. We are taxpayers.

Shaun: Ok, I admit that me and the farmer had a disagreement over some computer software. However I didn't kill him.

Amy: He like dumped a load of mingin cow**** on our path. I was like so upset when I fell in it.

Inspector Rigby: I thought something smelled like a sewer in here. I suggest you have another bath young madam.

Alistair: All of this talk of sewers and murder is too much. I may lie down here and die.

Rosemary: Don't worry darling, there is a ballet on at the weekend in London featuring three pieces in the style of Diagalev. I've booked us two seats.

Alistair: Oh thats marvellous. Can we fly to Greece next week to explore the Acropolis? I feel culturally bereft.

Shaun: Not on my money you can't. Earn your own.

Rosemary: Oh and I suppose you'll be spending it on your tart rather than on your family.

Estelle: Darlings, its very council to air your dirty washing in public. Let us consider the orchids.

Rosemary: Yes, when will that body be removed Inspector so I can examine them?

Inspector Rigby: When I say so madam and not before. When I have acertained who the killer is.

Shaun: I know who it is. There is a feral family that have just moved in down the street. The kids lurk about in hoodies and are obvious criminals. *points out the window* Look theres one of them now.

PC Ware runs out and comes back in dragging a hoodie youth by the collar

PC Ware: Here is the suspect sir.

Hoodie: I ain't done owt. Lemmie go or I'll slash yer up.

Inspector Rigby: Despite this youth's obvious criminality, I don't think he is our killer Ware. Check his pockets for drugs and bung him in the car.

Rosemary: If he didnt kill Tull then who did?

Inspector Rigby: Jethro Tull was battered to death with a piece of lead piping. Plumbers use piping. *Turns and points to Bob Ware* YOU are the killer!

Bob: Look mate, I'm innocent.

Estelle: Eeeeeeeeeek.......... be continued.


AngelClare said...

This is very cliche and none of the characters are likeable or sympathetic.

If a man was killed with book, I suppose we'd better lock up the librarian then, should we?

The way youths are portrayed are insulting. This is very sterotypical.

sparacus said...


It is not my intention to insult youths in general & I apologise if this is how it seems. My intention is to present the audience with a conceptual work. The conclusion that the police reach is clearly open to question.

AngelClare said...

I respect you're intentions - but some of these characters are very poorly written.

There seems to be no 'relationship' or undertsnading between them. If this was an actual play - the characters would just be talking to each other - not communicating.

sparacus said...

My point is to try & show the lack of true communication in modern suburban communities.