Saturday, 3 October 2009

A Season of Sequels

A good idea for a future season of Nuwho would be to have an entire season - 13 eps- where every story is a sequel to a classic series one. 'The Web Planet' , 'The Celestian Toymaker' & 'Invasion of the Dinosaurs' all spring tomind as being ripe for sequels. This will encourage the viewers to check out classic series DVDs.


Bernie Fishnotes said...

There are two problems with this;

1. Invasion of the Dinosaurs doesn't have room for a sequel. The main villains were lost in time, resumably with no power supply, so there's nobody to make a return. The Web Planet ended with the destruction of the Animus, and the Zarbi becoming peaceful creatures. Unless you simply copy the original story, where is there to go?
And the Celestial Toymaker? Actually, that's a good idea, as long as you can find a way of doing it properly, rather than just an episode of the Doctor + friend playing deadly games, then suddenly defeating the baddy. It might have worked in the 60's and 70's, but not today.

2. The BBC isn't allowed to make programmes which require a previous purchase. This is why the Lottery draw has a pointless quiz show wrapped around it. Making people buy a DVD so they can understand what they're watching would get them in serious trouble. It's also why the BBC novel "The Gallifrey Chronicles" was delayed, in case people thought they'd need to buy it to understand the new series.

Youth of Australia said...

Bernie is, as ever, so on the ball a skin graft is suspected.

Apart from anything else:

3. It would get incredibly tedious if every episode had the Doctor going "Ah, of course. I've been here/met you/defeated them before..."

4. The Web Planet has more sequels than any story not involving Daleks or Time Lords, none of which are very good

5. The Celestial Toymaker is not only boring, but has one existing TV episode revealing he was stupid, badly-acted and kinky

6. You have plagiarized Invasion of the Dinosaurs 47 times, and now you want a sequel? Of what? Grover and his pals materializing in medieval France and dying of plague?

7. This attitude got Doctor Who cancelled

Cameron Mason said...

Been done before - Season 20...


Youth of Australia said...

Who IS the Celestian Toymaker, anyway?

Anonymous said...

How To Turn Doctor Who From A Successful Ratings Smash To An Obscure Cult In One Easy Lesson.

If we cannot learn from the mistakes of the JNT era, what good is it for?

Bernie Fishnotes said...

Anonymous is right, aren't we supposed to learn from the mistakes of the past? Surely that's the main reason people people study history?