Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tonight's 'Merlin'

Once again, the BBC serve up another episode of this rubbish. Some points:

1) Why do the opening titles continue to refer to Merlin as a 'young boy' when he is clearly played by someone in his early 20s?

2) Why do the female characters wear 20th century undergarments?

3) Why does Arthur wear a modern suede jacket?

4) Why has a modern plate glass window just blown out of a castle wall?

It gets worse.


AngelClare said...

1. Merlin is young. He will live to a very old age.

2. To look pretty (very good looking in my opinion).

3. That does not matter.

4. Magic!

Youth of Australia said...

1. Everyone assumes he's younger than he is. It's the haircut. The way DT seems barely 20.

2. The bras and panties were actually historically accurate. When magic and dragons became myth, so did the underwear. Only recently has civilization got its act together.

3. He wants to, I assume.

4. Would you damn Doctor Who for a single shot revealing that the TARDIS is, in fact, a prop phone box? In which case, I don't see how you could keep watching after WW3, The Three Doctors, the Rescue...

I notice you haven't been able to complain about the special effects, acting, plotting or enjoyment by normal people.