Sunday, 24 February 2008

"The Ghosts of Weatherfield" Part 1


part 1


Out in the farthest reaches of the solar system, in the cold, empty silence of space, the entity moved at phenomenal speed. Unseeing, unfeeling and yet percieving, locked in the silence of pure energy, it craved organic existance, as it had done for thousands of years.
And now.... it sensed life.... not so far away now.....Passing the outer planets , covering unimaginable distances in an instance, the entity homed in on the planet of life, the planet of sustinence..... earth.
Moving through the outer atmosphere, untouched by friction or heat, but transfixed with wonder and desire, the entity descended over the islands at the edge of the continent and over the city... Manchester.It sensed the people, the emotions, the energy.
Descending over an ordinary street in Weatherfield, the entity splintered.....

At Number 11, Elsie Tanner stood over the dinner table glaring at her son Dennis:
"I won't 'ave it, do you hear me Dennis Tanner? Its time you found a proper job."
"Oh give ovver mam" Dennis retorts.But Elsie isn't finished, she turns and faces her daughter, Linda Cheveski:
"And how about you and Ivan talking about your problems instead of just walking out on him again".
The entity splinter seeps through the roof into the walls, the very fabric of the house.

In the Rovers Return snug, Ena Sharples, Minnie Cauldwell and Martha Longhurst are gossiping over their second glass of stout:
"Eee I hear that Elsie Tanner's been seein' a new fella" Martha says:Ena scowls:
"When isn't she? Brazen that one."
The entity splinter seeps into the walls of the pub, soaking in the sounds, the emotions.....The entity permeates through every house and through the very cobbles of the street.


At number 13, Hilda and Stan Ogden are having another disagreement:
"... an I want 'em gone by Friday. I'm not 'avin that yard clogged up with cages full of hens that won't lay."
Stan looks up from the racing pages of the paper:
"They will lay in time."Eddie Yeats chips in:"Yeah steady on 'ilda, they need to settle in."
Hilda glares at him:
"Look 'ere Eddie Yeats , I'm telling ya, get 'em shifted by the end of the week or shift yourself out."Deep within the walls of the house, the entity soaks up the energy... feeling closer to the higher existance of matter....


Ben and Katie Ryan are enjoying a drink in the Mermaid Wine Bar, along with hummus and greek salad while the Doctor shows Donna round the sights and sounds of Cambridge.
"Look Ben, you need to see things for how they really are," Katie says: "that boy is using you. You give him the complete run of your flat, he lives off your food and you just don't seem bothered."
Ben sips his absinthe:"Its not like that Katie. Kyle has become a major asset to me on investigations."
Katie laughs:"Are you sure its not so much asset as ass you want to investigate?"
Ben frowns: "Oh come on, its not like that."
Katie stares at him:"Well what is it like then? Look , the likes of him don't think in any other terms other than searching out easy meal-tickets. But they can be manipulative."
the Doctor rushes in:
"Come on , we're off, no time to explain
But we're eating" Ben retorts:
"Eat later. From what I've just heard on the radio news while in a shop, the earth could be in great danger."
As they rush after the Doctor, Katie grabs Ben's arm:
"Hey, you're not going to just leave Kyle on his own in your flat are you?"
"He'll manage, he's recovering well" Ben replies:
"I didn't mean that. He'll have his criminal mates round for a drugs party and trash the place" Katie shouts.Ben is unmoved:
"He won't. I'd better text him."
Katie gives an exasperated sigh as she follows Ben into the TARDIS......

..... to be continued.

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