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Lord of the Reedy River: part 7

part 7

The creature lunges towards the Doctor's throat , its gaping & ravenous mouth opening. However just in time an arrow swishes towards it and slams into the creature's eye with a squelch, eye matter spatting over the Doctor. The animal lets out a howl and collapses dead. Robin strides manfully out of the bushes:
"Its fortunate that I returned from the river just in time. What is that foul beast?"
The Doctor examines it carefully and then a sense of realisation permeates his mind:
"Of course...."
"What is it Doctor?" Donna asks:
"I can see now why I didn't recognise this thing the first time I saw it. This Donna is a Jarosan. The Tasmerleptils feed on these things on their home planet, swallowing them alive. They normally grow to about 6 inches in length. One must have escaped from the ship when it crashed."
Donna is puzzled:"But why the hell is this one so huge then?"
"On their home planet the Jarosans eat smaller creatures of a very low protein content. Its metabolism is completely alien. Whatever its been feeding on here, mice or voles have caused an abnormal growth occurance."

Meanwhile the Sheriff, the Tasmerleptil, Gisbourne and his men are holed up in Nottingham Castle after their encounter with Robin and the outlaws. The alien is pacing up and down ranting:
"I must return to my ship. I have important messages to communicate with my people. You must escort me back and ensure that those rebels are repelled and eliminated."
The Sheriff puts on a his best crawling voice:
"Of course sir, of course. I have a fresh contingent of men ready to leave with us. Er when can we be given the information that you promised?"
"When my task here is complete" the creature retorts.

Back at camp, Ben, Kyle and the Merry Men return from the river refreshed and renewed. "What a gorgeous morning, the smell of freshly cooked food wafting through the greenwood.... unbeatable." Ben muses.
After a quick breakfast and some mead, the Doctor suggests that they focus on the issue of the alien ship.
"What we really need is to think of how we can destroy that ship. With the Family of Blood all I had to do is get inside and tweak a few knobs, however I suspect this might not be so easy."
Much nudges Will:"I suspect Ben likes to tweak a few knobs as well" (chuckles from the Merry Men)."
We have some exploding powder" Robin chips in:
"The Sheriff had two barrels of it in the Castle and we lifted them one time."
"Its a shame that you haven't invented guns to go with it yet" Ben observes.
"Nonetheless this is excellent! " the Doctor quips, grinning.

An hour later, using materials from the TARDIS and the gunpowder, the Doctor has rigged up a decent size bomb.
"Ok folks! Lets rock" he says with a grin.
They stride down towards the river however the Doctor suddenly lets out a yelp of pain and almost drops the bomb. His foot is caught in a primitive metal rabbit trap.
"Oh its one of old Catweazle's wretched traps, he's always leaving them around." Robin says.
They free the Doctor and he hobbles on.
"Ok now keep quiet. That thing might be around here or inside the ship. One of us needs to sneak in and leave this bomb in the bowls of the ship. Move this dial here to red and you have 30 seconds to get out before -kabang! Obviously I can't hobble in. Anyone volunteer?"
"Ere I'll do it" Kyle says.
"Rather him than me" Much whispers to Will.
Kyle takes the bomb and runs into the ship, the others waiting anxiously. Suddenly they here rustling behind them and the Tasmerleptil emerges from the bushes with the Sheriff just as Kyle appears back in the ship doorway. The creature pulls out a laser gun and fires at Kyle who falls backwards into the ship.
"Oh no, the bomb is about to go off" Donna exclaims.
"Looks like he's a gonner" Much observes......

........ to be continued

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