Sunday, 17 February 2008

Lord of the Reedy River part 5

Anyway, here is part 5 folks:

Gisbourne and the Sheriff reel back in horror:
"What in God's name is it?" Gisbourne utters. The creature eyes them haughtily. The Sheriff rouses:
"Stop shaking Gisbourne you gutless snape. *addressing creature* er how can we help you?"
The creature speaks:
"As my android has already informed you, all I require is some manual labour from say twenty or thirty of your vassals. And some lifting equipment. In return I can offer you knowledge that will set you above everyone else on this world."
The Sheriff grins:
"Its a deal."

Next morning, the Doctor, Ben, Kyle and Donna are waking up to the sound of forest birds. Sunlight glimmers through the trees as the merry men wash their faces in wooden buckets of river water.
"What a delightful morning, the sounds of nature all around us." Ben muses.Donna frowns:
"Well I'd much rather have spent the night in a comfy bed than on that hard ground."
Kyle is already up and brings Ben & Donna some food in a wooden bowls:
"Ere Ben , I brought ya sam of this oats & nuts."Ben looks at it unenthusiastically:
"You'd eat anything. Still I suppose its organic."
Suddenly a familiar figure comes running into the midst of them, his hands flapping about:
"Pfffffft hssss 'tis devilry pssssst brutal slavery pssst hfffft".
Much is irritated:
"Look Catweazle, can't you slow down and stop huffing and spluttering?"
"What is it old friend?" Robin asks:
"Tis the Sheriff, eye tis he. His men have rounded up yon village men, aye one an all. Put them to forced labour down at yon river, lifting ye very river bottom. And theres a vile beast with them."
Catweazle pulls a large toad out of his pocket:
"Now now Touchwood, stop wriggling."Donna *whispering to Ben*:
"That tramp keeps a toad in his pocket, foul."
"Agreed." Ben replies.
The Doctor steps forward:
"Well I suggest we go and see what they're up to."

Down by the river, the TARDIS team and merry men hide in the undergrowth watching as the creature and sheriff direct the terrified peasants in their work. Primitive lifting equipment is moving a large metallic shuttle craft vessel out of the water.
"Oh no.. " the Doctor whispers.
"What is that thing?" Ben asks:
"That Ben is a Tasmerleptil. Never seen one in that uniform before which is why I didn't recognise it before. This is worse than I expected. They come from a distant planet of evolved reptilian and amphibian races such as the Terileptils and Palpaleptils. This lot are particularly nasty, sending out scout ships to search for primitive worlds to conquer. That shuttle craft must have crash landed in the river and they'll be a mother ship somewhere in earth's orbit waiting for this guy to report back."
Ben is concerned:
"And what happens when he gets his craft repaired and communicates back to the ship that this is a medieval era culture down here?"
The Doctor frowns:
"Invasion........" be continued

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