Monday, 11 February 2008

Lord of the Reedy River: Part 4

"Lord of the Reedy River" part 4

In the castle, the Sheriff considers the Knight's offer:
"And how do we know that we can trust you? Who is this Dark Lord of whom you speak? I serve only Prince John."
The Knight lifts up its visor to reveal a completely featureless android face:
"As you can see I am not from this world. You have no choice but to enter our deal."
The Sheriff gasps.Neither of them notice a shadowy figure evesdropping behind the door, disguised in an old woman's shawl. It is Maid Marion. Back in her garret cell is Sir Guy, unconscious having been clonked in the head with a water jug.
"You must escape fair Marion", her accomplice Nellie the old handmaid says:
"And tell Robin of this devilry."

Down at the riverside, the Doctor, Ben, Donna & Kyle are poking about in the reeds and the undergrowth:
"What are we looking for Doctor?" Donna asks.The Doctor tuts:
"How the **** should I know? Footprints, bodies, spaceships who knows."
Kyle spots an area of disturbed bank:
"Ere Ben, Doctor, cam and look at this. It looks like the earth has been worn away by something crawling in and out."Ben isn't impressed:"I doubt it. More like some boat has hit the side."
"But the soil is flattened not cut into" Kyle protests.
"Don't argue Kyle. That said, you have a point."
However as they gaze at the worn away bank, something stirs benieth the water and emerges, dressed in a black uniform and wearing a helmet. It fires a lazer shot at Kyle and Ben which just misses:
"Theres only one thing to do in a situation like this," the Doctor muses, "RUN".

Arriving back at Robin's camp, they find that Marion has arrived and told Robin of the Sheriff's meeting with the 'devilish thing'. Robin explains to the Doctor :
"Hmm interesting. However there are more pressing matters. There is a creature following us. Take defensive positions!"
However it doesn't arrive and they realise that they must have shaken it off.
"Why did you lead it straight here?" Will Scarlett moans:
"Obviously the Doctor knew you would outnumber and subdue it. Please engage your brain before your mouth." Ben comments.The others laugh and thwack Will round the head.
The Doctor frowns:
"This is extremely serious. That creature is something I have not encountered before."

Later they are all lying around the campfire trying to get some rest. Robin and Marion are canoodling.Ben gazes at them and then away, his beautiful dark eyes filled with tears:
"Look at them. It makes you sick. She's got him wrapped around her finger."
Kyle throws some wood on the fire:
"Don't be like that Ben. I know that Amselm bloke has upset you."
Ben wipes his eyes:
"Theres no way I'm texting the selfish **** again when this is over. He's not worthy of my love."
"Ben, don't take this the wrong way like, but don't you think you expect too much from these blokes. What about give and take? You know theres always probs to get through in any relationship." Kyle replies.
"Oh and as if you would know anything about relationships. Do they bother with such things on your estate? Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean that Kyle. I'm just upset. ".

Meanwhile, within Nottingham Castle, the Sheriff is nursing the head of a disgruntled Sir Guy.
"You're a useless knave Gisbourne. Letting a Maid get the better of you."
Suddenly there is a crash and a bang and the mysterious knight strides back into the castle, this time with his Lord, dressed in black. Slowly the Dark Lord raises his hands and lifts off his helmet to reveal an alien, amphibian face with globular eyes carnivorous teeth.......

....... to be continued.


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